The Death of future primitive. the BYGONE SOPHISTICATED

Sad day for the future primitive. It was bound to happen. Been thinking about this for 3 years. Started project today. Should take about 8 days total to build. 

introducing the BYGONE SOPHISTICATED fourteen feet and some change, outside reef surfboard.


Short build time

No trees were hurt in the making of this board

Very large sweet spot

Can ride like a regular surfboard

Light weight

retails for $998,500 less than future primitive



Barely fits in the vacuum bay


seems like Christmas already







What’s the punch line here? Future primitive is a Roy Stuart design, no? And Roy has gone high tech lately, 3d printer fins, composite over foam boards… - so are you Roy, saying you’re going to be building a foam / composite version of the wood future primitive, and you’ve added a twist by reversing the terminology, calling it the bygone sophisticate??

I think furniture primitive would be a better name.

I’m so confused.  BB30 is Roy?

Does Roy build these?

That board’s incredible. Poly U? EPS? 

Wow Charlie, that’s a beeg board, how wide?

You should be safe from those big fish.

Day two spending 2 1/2 hours finishing the deck shape and vac bagging the corecork on the deck. Day one was 3 hours of shaping(saw,surform/40grit block/120g dragon skin,pencil, no calipers just eyes and hand feel, used tape measure to set rocker platform). two hours getting the vac stuff ready and doing the first pull. The blank is 1lb foam of an abandoned 14 down wind race board blank. Flat, thick and wide, super flexy, no stringer. It was 27 1/2" wide, I took off 2 1/2+ inches width, 2+ inches thickness. Changed rocker over two vac pulls. Starting  5 feet back from nose with 9" rocker, 4 feet from tail with 3 7/8" rocker. I haven’t measured any dims on it yet except to check my rocker. It feels right to catch a big wave. 

Tomorrow- sanding, vent plug, leash plugs x 2, handle, fin boxes.

Avalanche by Christmas?? Will santa bring me a set of balls???

Pics:  out of the bag, nose rocker, rail seams.


wow !

  you do nice work , Charlie !

I bet Bernie and Harry  are STOKED to watch you make stuff !!

Huck …   " future primitive "  was  also , originally , a  skateboarding  VIDEO.  [ …which gives you an idea how long ago , eh ?]


Ok- but there were several references to Roy in the original post - large sweet spot, no trees harmed, doesn’t cost a million dollars - so I guess this is just a good humored poke at Roy and his million dollar future primitive board? Board looks awesome, designed for catching waves that rumble like thunder!

Huck, I think he’s poking fun at Roy’s furniture primitive.

that’s a big’un!  how’d you decide where to put the wide point?  and what kind of fin set up are you using? 


Correct. The answer to your question is “no”.

It’s a Roy Stewart design.

Saw some video of he that cannot be named here riding his wood boards with a bit too much rocker. Looks like they work well for him, and looks like they are fast. Seems like he’s having a lot of fun and getting some great rides.

hey Ben.

I’m just a hack with a vacuum bag and some 14 foot blanks given to me.  I make boards during the week pretty much so me and the alama bros don’t cross paths too much. Actually it’s me seeing their stuff that get the stoke on. Friggin mad scientists I say.

Buisness is very slow for me this month so I get to mess around a bit. Next project is two 14’ down wind boards made into a composite catamaran powered by a honda 2.5hp outboard motor. Beyond the outer reef fishing machine.  Some big swells are coming so I am excited to get this current board done.

aloha Ben,



 When I traced the new outline on the downwind blank I didn’t measue anything with a tape measure except for rocker heights when I set up my rocker tooling. I just did it by what seemed right. So I measured it today and the wide point when looking at the deck is semetrical 1 foot either side of center. The bottom was chined and the wide point is 19" wide and 4" south of midpoint. This is the most change in rocker I have ever set in a surfboard. I did it in 2 steps because your rails and foil changes dramatically where I added rocker. I added almost 3 inches in the nose the first pull then adjusted/resanded the deck as needed. I got another 2 inches in the nose with the second pull and the cork deck placement. It came out wonky and to fully make it beautiful means some work. Goint to thinkabout it over night before I decide on my next move with the nose. I am liking my tail and I am expecting some nice flex action with the glassing receipe. Going to add a 1" tail block. Was planing to go twin fin with the first use, but I threw in 5 boxes so I can use that beauiful 8 1/2" fin you gave me a few years ago. 

Thanks again for the fin keith.

pic of progress



DAy three I got the rail seam sanded and made all the holes for the fins, vents, handle, leash plugs. Set the vent, handle and leash plugs and filled in some dents on the deck that occured from the rocker tooling when changing the rocker. Will set the finboxes tomorrow, place tail block and possible nose block. spent about 2 1/2 hours doing it all.

Pic was highlight of the day in the messy room.


Spent about 1 1/2 hours of touch the board work time placing the fin boxes tail block, filled in a few dents on the board from adjusting the rocker. Got to rough out the tail block CF patch the pre glass leash plugs , nose, e-glass patch the vent plug and handle.

Went tow surfing Saturday at my potential first trial spot for this 14 footer Bygone Sophisticated board. The swell was great with some 20+ foot faces until about 930 am and then dropped fast. Got to shore and felt sorry for the big wave regular paddler just starting out with his support team(jet ski x 2, rescue and camera crew), co2 inflatable floatation jacket and a TEN foot gun. Getting out by the crack of noon rarely pays off. Ten feet looked short boardish to my thinking knowing my Bygone Sophisticated is on the racks at home.

Odered my big wave balls also. They arrived in one piece but were metric fittings and my are nuts are english fittings. Will have to purchase an adapter.

Pics below are new nuts in box with metric fittings, tail/nose CF patches.

Charlie—  Thanks for posting this build.  I don’t know much about bagging.  Pretty crazy the way you can pull rocker with a bag like that.  Your the cork man.  Lowel