the famous travel board...

i was wondering how the famous travel board ala ambrose is enjoying itself in california? have you taken it out for dinner? does it like california waters? curiosity is killing this cat… who has it? i have big plans for the beauty when she comes up north.

what board is this?

[=1][ 3][/][/]

[=1][ 3]the swaylocks raffle blank 2003[/] [/]

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O.K. my board…shaped and glassed By little ol’ me

Motive / mission…lay down a statement of alternative design manifestd over 36 years unaffiliated * underground shaping with the pore intent of raising the performance potential of the surfboard in all arround conditions and full length (nose ride tail ride trim ride) …this step a logicalprogression to a higher form outside the potential stifling commercial influence on pure fun and design clarity…Lastly the purpose of self gratification to submit to testing by an abridged panel of peers and to see how far arround the world this can go

*no commercial trip commitment to market whim ,to allow pure theory and testing

Format $50 to swaylocks gets 10 days to ride this swaylocks seed


!. 3 go outs aday thats 30 go outs [less than $1,50 a go out

  1. permission to template

3.permission to mold

4.permission to scan

A. only if credit waylocks and credit shaper

B.any $ derived split gross take 3 ways w/swaylocks and me


  1. exemplary care of board

  2. 1/2 transit to and from you

3 photo documentationof riding board

4 written essay written in journal on any topic after experiencing 1 good wave on board standing or prone or stages in between

5.adding features to board are limited to fin change and unfourtuitous ding repair that will be recorded signed and dated… other changes can be made to other boards made as points of departure

End Game

after board has circulated the list of concerned the board will be returned to waipouli and board will reside to await use by all swaylock users on their visits to kauai all rental fees will be split with swaylocks forum fund until board is taken out of service and hung on wall…


all swaylocks moderators or those contributors to the swaylocks over and above the $50.00 conceptual mark[ in contributions exceeding the normal call of duty] are automaticly seeded to the lottery

travel with board can be negotiated with governing board to be established after lottery draw at plaskett creek .highestdrawing person present at plaskett creek takes board homefor first stint, Bogarting is ok payable in additional boards or components , value to be deteermined by governing board, to be added to the pool of design to be circulated in the spirit of design sharing



AUGUST 1ST 2004…howzat?

signed X___________________________________________________

moderators seed signed by two moderators

list to be topped out at 100 registrants

(In photo below, board can be seen at right leaning against tent - note trippy dual concaves thru tail. Also comes with alternate fin.)

If the list is not full yet you may want to open up the donation channel again for the opportunity to share this board.

hmmmm… the board is somewhere, lovingly delivering joy to strangers on waves not of it’s home origins… i think it is in southern california. someone out there in this world of surf-chat-discussion-fervor has the lovely lady, no? oh i am so excited about the genius of this project. better than the feeling of easter bunny or santa claus or the end of yom kippur or what have you (as we wait expectantly)…

WATSON! the game is afoot!

roger aka proneman has possession…no word yet if it’s gotten wet

the southerlies and northerlies have given pause to imagine many a wave potential have come in range in a week…get on the list I just must insist the more the merrier and the farthest afield it may wander the better…its goin east too how or when its a wanderin with that vagabond zeal tthe quest for the peel ing wave to unwind and fly free in the sea…submissions to the book will be fun to look and pictures from perspectives unknown…ambrose…O, I never waxed ye…there are 3 fins in the box a halcyon hollow a Jensen flexy and my rainbow template fin for feathering

I have been nursing a sore shoulder the last week or so. Will christen Friday or Saturday. I hate to cover up any of the color with wax! It looks great on the living room floor. Will report back soon.


the healing properties of this board are considerable…applying wax while on a table surface is protective to shoulder strain…beez wax provided has an enhancing effect on color …applied luke warm after soaking wax in hot tap water the impact is limited allowing the selective scratch off with fingernails to observe while lineup lingering…ambrose…AWOOOOOOOOOOO!

roger… i wish you a speedy recovery and enjoyable christening. there are many north swells here–the beginnings of winter aleutian storms already tickling our oregon coast line. i am stuck in classes all week… oh, rats!! bon voyage, travel board. ambrose… do you think that the homemade beeswax concoction works in the frigid waters of the norte pacific? i think i saw an iceberg float through the lineup last week. nellyda

Zuma Beach and I had the distinct honor to experience what I will now and forever refer to as the “The Famous Magic Travel Board”

It was 2-4 feet and peaky… pretty decent beach break for Zuma and I picked out a stretch where there was some elbow room. Waxed it up and put Paul Jensen’s radical flex fin in the box. I have a leash somewhere, but didn’t bother to look for it.

For a guy that normally rides substantial boards in the 8-8 to 10-4 range, this FMTB is tiny. It is less that 7 foot and although it is a full outline, I was skeptical if I would be able to paddle it, let alone catch a wave.

It sunk as I launched it with my 194 lbs. aboard and it took a minute to figure out where to position myself for some kind of paddling effciency. When outside I got lost in the brilliance of colors and design on the deck…kinda like a seven year old out in the centerfield sun entranced with the dandelions.

It was as if the board was stimulating my senses to come alive…I became keenly aware of the magic of a clear fall morning.

I guess I was out for about an hour and started to feel comfortable on FMTB and I ended up getting about 15 waves. I never bothered to stand up on it…next time out if I am so inclined. The flex fin seemed too forgiving and I spun out on a couple, so I will experiment with another fin next time. The board went fast and I was pleased with the go out.

While showering, a guy started saying how he liked the board and how he saw it taking a nice track and going fast. His buddy came up and he was also interested…asking questions about it. One guy when he finished showering was checking out deck as it lay on a trash can. He said it reminded him of a dream he had when he was over in Maui!!! I told them about Swaylocks and S.A 2004 in Big Sur and all about the future for the FMTB. They were stoked about all of it and I began to get a glimpse of what is available beyond, but through the table of contents!

Am anxious to surf it again… but also anxious to pass it on so others can …

Thanks to Ambrose for the FMTB and the Aloha Spirit that emanates from it!!




[ 2]…Waxed it up and put Paul Jensen’s radical flex fin in the box…[/]The flex fin seemed too forgiving and I spun out on a couple, so I will experiment with another fin next time…


I told Sir Ambrose, to not use that fin with that board…The core is 1/8 mahogany plywood, with the primary grain vertical…It’s a noodle with little energy return…It looks neat, but it’s a dog…

Maybe Halcyon can supply a more suitable replacement…???..

I’m in the dark, but what’s new?

What’s the board look like?

Out of step and down with the flu, Rich

Hey Paul,

Fins? I don’t need not stickkng fins. I getting rid of all the them and glue pieces of pipe on the bottom of all my boards. Which one do you want?

Mahalo, Rich

Roger… glad you are feeling better and had a magical inaugural go-out on the board. I have been stuck in land of nursing school responsibilities, so no surf for me for a few weeks. Thanks for the description…all i have is vicarious experience right now. enjoy! nellyda

the grin of anticipation slowly overtakes my’self sitting here thousands of miles away from the butter colored board … the paul fin is valid as a spiritual contribution sure .the mere spirit of the fin can open a door or two but as paul has said the high flex will not drive. the lateral resistance is at best capable of subtle adjustmenes once the line of flight is established… the halcyon fin is pretty vertical but well on the other side of the drive question…drive to spare but the angle of incidence and cut away base are not appropriate for the Travel board the fin that I provided is still a little shy of the optimum area vet a fine driving fin for the prone ride lock-on streaking impact line just back and down from the magic white curl line…able to come from behind with a nudge on the inside rail and a pound or twenty of lip weight on the tail to set the latent lateral resistance from the fin…we are all so fin dependant and fin unconcious… yet the best solution, that comes to me as I allow this freeword spin to spill from my mind thru my fibgertips,is to use your own favorite fin from your favorite ride and the you + the my board will surely gel into the perfect match for the only true magic …the wave…ambrose…Im glad that roger was the first …and at ZUMA…wow…are the trash cans painted orange this year?

ps what fin will paul insert into the mix? that laid back lightwood core one on the 12’er would steamroll some serious down the line injection spinning spitters from way behind … ambrose … and hal on the body at sharks with a kelp harvesting pipe would make an audible mark in the universe. a greenough flexer would have an honest chance although the paddle fin confuses me

I can’t wait for my turn. Glad I wasn’t first though since the bars at my favorite spot are not there yet. Getting a little closer with every northern pulse. Still needs that one BIG blaster. Maybe Halcyon will make me my own fin for the travel board. Glad Rogers shoulders are feeling better and he got to ride it. I’m gonna prone a few to get that perspective. Eagerly waiting. Mike

Hey John,

Unfortunately I didn’t size the board up while I was at the shindig. I’d be glad to make a fin to travel with it if you’ll let me know what the specks of it are and how you foiled it out. It hard to tell much from the photo in this tread. Thanks again for sending the fins to me that I left at Plaskett Creek. Hope all’s well with you and that you got some of this Northerly swell that’s been rolling through.

Mahalo, Rich

MR?! Who you calling MR, mister?

Rich - I don’t know the specs on the travel board. That’s Ambrose’s baby.

I pretty much missed the swell but I hear Peter Costello got it up there.


Hi Rich

Ambrose did give me one of your fins to try on the FMTB. It is a thick foiled cutaway type and it will travel with the

board as it makes the rounds throughout the world! I hope to try it out at rincon later today!


Proneman let me know how that fin works for you. It is one that I left with Ambrose on my last trip over to Kauai. It is the first fin that I got from Rich. He had never seen me surf before, in fact we did not even know me each other even, thought we are in the same town. It is a good fin, with lot of speed left in it. (I did not use much if any of it up), but it did not fit my surfing style(if you can call how I surf style). Ambrose though it would fit well on the travel board. Rich did not even know that it was going with the board until we got down to the get together. Good surfing.