""""""""The late great planet earth"""""""""'

December 21st.,2012........03:21............................end of communication............................................

When the world doesn’t end at that time, go and study the life of Edward Bernays, especially when it comes to manipulating the “collective herd” as coined by Walter Lippmann.  Then post your findings here.

The market for 500-year stone calendars was saturated.  Demand vanished.

The Mayan 500-year stone calendar business went bankrupt while working on the new swimsuit edition.

It’s only the Mayans who are going to disappear. The rest of have a different expiration date.


well, herb  its december 21st 5am here now


 i'm off for a surf ,


the BEGINNING  of MY days communication


 [and ,  it's only 17 degrees C here today , paul , by the way]







Tomorrow midday, Mexico time will be when it happens if it does. The earth will not be destroyed, humans may have to deal with change. Don’t be afraid, don’t be negative, open your minds to positive energy and you may become a much better person. I think this process may only last about 9 minutes, so good luck. It may be so subtle that few notice. We’ll have to see.

Keep throwing negative energy and you will not enjoy anything.

I think the big Earth changes are going to be in 2013. Storms, Earth quakes, floods, tidal waves.

I hope to get in the water today even though the wind is blowing up to 25.

Oh man - I am totally going to miss it.  I once didn’t notice an earthquake…


[/quote] i love the energy this topic brings out.................from both sides...........lol.

paul ,that's classic !


i've read it.................many years ago.

and i'm going to my nursing job tonight............. just as i have for 31 years.

it's god's work,

or do you have a problem with that too........mr.rat.


I hope not,Herb.  I have the next 2 weeks off and a couple of blanks in the garage. Mike

I wonder if sales of R.E.M. will go through the roof today / yesterday then ?


"it's the end of the world as we know it ,



I feel F I N E  !"


  tra la la la  


LA !






personally , IF it DOES happen , I am ready and willing to die . After the surfs I've had recently , I'd be going out on a HIGH  yewww    bring it on , mayos ! [was mayonnaise named after them , by the way ?  ;) ]

I thought the world ended a couple days ago when 

saywox coded and the crash cart took three days

to arrive and reset the parahysteric rate …

as usual Swaylia, the grand duchy of,

is ahead of the timeline…

Happy new world age!


the world ends a lot.

The insensative miss a lot

in order to follow N.B.A.


Ambrose,  as its the end of the world in an hour or so  I’d like to apologise for not reading all your posts and I’d like to hold your hand as we enter the abyss.

sorry to make your last moments on earth socially awkward 

who could worry?

I personally get totally off

just diggin’ the ol’ mans shirt

and then on the long shot

the guy’s pants , Are a testimony

to the Hand woven craft…



our elders .


we aint dead yet

but diffren

than yesterday.

As an act of contrition and out of sheer fright I’m reading all your posts but I’m too shallow to understand them.

 Do the simple shallow or just plain stupid still get redemption ?

 Or do I need to contribute to the church of the Sacred bleeding heart of Jesus to ensure eternal life ? It’s what Mick Jagger said I should do.

All in all,  In the world of Sways,  it matters nought for our Views are currently tallied at  Zero.

Like life, all measures are zero-ed   at the start







And  zero at the end.










 May god have mercy on our souls.

“The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, shorter of breath and one day closer to death. Every year is getting shorter …”


Its nice that you’ve read Hal Lindsey’s book “The Late Great Planet Earth,” I read it too, and wasn’t a fan, or fanatic.  As for your job being “god’s work” I wonder by your spelling if your telling us that your a god with a small g?  Don’t read too much into this, because I am not really putting that much into it; the point is I don’t understand what your saying.  

Have you done the research on Bernay’s?  Manipulating crowds through mind control is a fascinating subject.   I just want people to think for themselves, and see through the bullsh%$.







and the Mayan Shaman said “it will be the return to a time of men of wisdom”…


that would be most excellent, we could all use such a refreshing change…


much like when a grom standing around the beach fire 5 decades ago…


listening to the elders pass on nuggets hidden in their jests, jokes and prods…


maybe in this next epoch we should have all important decisions for the country made by barefooted elders standing around the fire, saltwater still dripping from their nose…


then the only cliff we’d go over would be on a path down to a righteous surf spot…