the " little fins " photo thread ....



'small sidebites'


'little widowmakers'


herb's 'superchargers' them whatever you will ...


  please feel free , post your creations here !


   I started this thread , because , clearing out a cupboard today , I stumbled upon a box I had forgotten about ...  dusted it off , opened it up ,


  I found THESE ...






 ....LOTS  of work ahead !  "


[a project for some time to come ]


uses ...


  '2+1' s ,


  hand gun / planes for bodysurfing [a la 'makakilo's one he posted recently]


? possibly even  like beerfan's twin keel , supercharged  ...or tiny twinzers ....?


cheers !


Nice stash!

my take on the Twinzer with Nubbin…a little fin can make a big difference

cheers , foamdust !  [ I have more , too  ..... around the place .....'somewhere ' !! .... hahaha !] 


AND , Mark , this may interest you ...


I had a surf on monday with a guy riding a "speed square" [bing surfboards] ...

He got it sent from cali fact , he has THREE of them , apparently [the one he was riding had glassed-on small keels ... [yes ,  I took photos!] . He had the 4'6" one.


We got talking , and I mentioned he could have probably got an aussie one and he said yes , he had "checked out More surfboards in the 'eastern states ' "  [on the internet , I assumed ...]

 cheers !


"double post"  strikes again ??  


.....what the ???   [" sorry about that chief " :) ]

Busy at the moment ben, but i will snap a few pics of my little fins. You might remember most, if not all of them hahah

Custom quad wakesurf fins

hi lakewaves !



  thanks for posting that...



  are they fibreglass or painted wood core fins ?



hi Mark !  beery man... I  DO forget , so it will be good to see what you have , when you get
? "free" ? time ....


  cheers !



They start out from my favorite plastic foils then I mod. Them to work on wakesurf boards. Then if they work I will cast them in plastic. They all work great with with boxes set for drive.


You’re a total finatic!

Heres the little center fin you made on my Twin Chippy:)

And one of the kelly ‘Clowns noses’ on my 5 fin board!

...." clown's noses " !!!


  haha ...LOVE it , mate !


('glo in the dark' clown's noses"  next , perhaps , then eh ? :)  )


do you ride the twinny with the nubster setup a bit , still, mate ?


  cheers Noe !



  A rescue job … avoiding the air bubbles …

photo zwonetabberpanes_zpsc65167b8.jpg

photo zwwonetabbersandothers_zpsb003b682.jpg

photo zwonetabbers_zps29ba8371.jpg


 **This **panel includes four of your ‘Wildy’ templates , Greg !  ( Which , to fit the panel , had to be made more upright than the originals you sent a few years ago now, Greg ! …)

photo zwildys_zps6976f7ff.jpg


   cheers !



some fins by the guys at alkali in ballina. 

… is that on one of your boards , Zac ?

Aloha Zack,  The above photo is  exactly what was happening in 1971, right down to fin shape and position.      Looks like the ‘‘PressLock’’ tri-fins that I had produced back then.   I still consider it to be one of the best fin setups.

How did I miss this thread? Since getting one of wil Jobson’s twinzers, I’ve been starting a collection of canards. Now I need to get them out and take a group pic (coming soon).

from top, left to right:

Herb supercharger, Futures C5, Larry Mabile twinzer;

RFC Jobson, Fins Unlimited Jobson, Von Sol;

Campbell bonzer 5 front and rear

…good on ya , ghostshaper !

which of those do you like best , and any chance of a few shots of them setup in your board[s] , and possibly a ride report or two , please ?


  cheers !




Nice Ben. You’ve got a lot of fins there.

Bernie and I started resurrecting the Koa board that those off cuts came from. We sliced it in half then added 2 new panels of EPS and reset the rocker. We saved the top panel which was Bamboo, and the bottom section which is the Koa. Bernie will end up with 2 new boards when this is all done. Got it all in the vacuum bag then I left. Bernie will have to pull it out tomorrow and then put all the jigs away.

We surfed this morning with JT1 and Foamdust too. Friday I surfed with JT1 and Warrior1515. Waves were head high at best, but mostly waist high or smaller. I didn’t get any of the head high waves, too many guys out today.