the MR photo thread...

please feel free to post MR shots and boards by and inspired by MR, anything!

those are some sweet as shots josh. Makes me wanna surf really bad.

I have no pics or anything just commenting :smiley:


thanks cheats!

Hey Josh, not really related to MR, but here’s a photo of a twin I made in the late seventies that was heavily MR influenced:

nice , and your boardshorts heavily influenced tom carroll , in years to come …

…can’t seem to find the Mark Richards photo thread I posted over at forum.surfermag ,


there’s a couple on this ol’ thread from here …;search_string=mark%20richards%20photos;#184668

…one of my neighbours here picked this one up years ago from “out of a dumpers bin in byron bay” . (Or so he reckoned , anyway !)


Same with that one found in the bin chip. Super nice. I want one

And you know what? I still own both of the boards in the photo! The twin has a badly repaired fin gash going from the rail to the middle of the board (well, almost) and it lost one of the original lexan fins a long time ago. The single on the right was added side boxes one year or so later when Simon ANDERSON introduced the Thruster and became my very first “thruster”, although it was meant as a single in the beginning. Incredibly, it worked really good. I still ride it from time to time. I will post some photos of these later in the day. Twenty six years later…

sounds good. Thats a good story. i bet your happy you kept them all this time.

SHow us ur pics :smiley:

I have an old MR twin from the 80’s, I believe. Badly abused. But I have the measurements if anyone would like me to post.

yes , and the photos , please !

…I was thinking of you when Josh first posted this …I seemed to remember you had an M.R. original ! Definately worth seeing again . [If only you were on the east coast of OZ, so “Platty” could restore it for you , then you could drive a few hours north of him , and show it to THE MAN HIMSELF !]


All right, here we go: (please, do not laugh…)

So, this was twenty six years ago:

And today: (my 11 yo son Christian and I tried to make it look pretty much the same)

“…after changes upon changes, we are more or less the same…” Or are we? Well, the boards had their share of hard encounters with life, and so had I. But I seem to have got older than they have… My shop, behind the red door, is still the same shop where those boards were made. Any of you have such “then and now” photos to show? That would be great. Well, maybe in a new thread, I mean.

that is so incredibly awsome that you still have hae those boardsm still like in the same house,

still surf on them… but where are the stubbies ?? :slight_smile:

Awsome man.


he means your skintight disco pants boardshorts , bill…

I guess THEY didn’t last the 26 years eh ?


I’ve still got my tom carroll style quiksilvers from 1982 …

but trust me …

you do NOT want to see me try to fit into them NOW !


thanks for the shot bill , that IS great you kept those relics all those years , and still actually surf them !


you do NOT want to see me try to fit into them NOW !


thanks for the shot bill , that IS great you kept those relics all those years , and still actually surf them !

Now, you got us tempted, Ben: oh yes, we DO want to see you in those, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!

As for thez relics: actually, I’ve kept ALL the boards I have made since 1969 (nobody would buy them, see?)

I rent a BIG warehouse, they are all in there…

you’ve got me worried now Bill !

WHY would a “happily married” 55yo french guy with a porn star moustache from the 1970s want photos of a 45 yo aussie guy in thight boardies ?