the shapers tree *PIC*

I’m sure mnost of you know about this, but I just stumbled across it… http://

That looks like a Scott Starr photograph of Wayne Rich @ Oxnard Shores. Where did you find it?

Did I overlook Hap or what? Is Wayne Rick Rich? JA …and the Magical fish Man all my favorites, what can this mean?

not a bad list but some are in the wrong decades for sure…

I need to contact a few shapers I know to see if they want to be on this…their apprentices are on it, yet they are not.

The photo was on the site. I’m not saying the site is accuarate, just that I found it.

… there’s a place to send in submissions (shapers and glassers) under the contact icon. Just click on it and send in any great shapers who you think (know!) are missing from this list. They (the craftsmen) ain’t gonna do it themselves, lets give the diserving some props. I’ve submitted Pat O’Hare from the East Coast. He’s been shaping great boards from the early '60’s! And still at it …

5’10" single wing rounded diamond tail, twim fin, double satin harness weave cloth top and bottom. Picture was in Surfing Magazine 1983 of the All Star Team. Photo Jim Wilson- co owner with his brother Kurt of X-trak (I made it)

Hey Jim, was that the same all star team that came to Australia in 83, if it was I was surfing in the oz team when we met and surfed the comp at wyatt river.

… jeez, I assumed Jim was on there … but no! Where do ya put him? East, West, both? Like I said, submit his name. Hey, anybody know what happened to George Panton shaper for Inspiration Surfboards? He had Cocoa Beach Surf Shop in the mid 70’s … Of course Jim Phillips SHOULD be on that list, so should George, and Michael Polvare (Ft. Pierce), etc., etc., etc. …p.s. -how about Herb, Greg Hunt, and other Swaylocks folks?

p.s.s. - hey Jim, do you kno who shaped for Nomad Surfboards in the 70’s? Nice glasswork too!

Where is Jim?They have me in the Sixties and he taught me.The shaper for Nomad is Ron Heavysides…still at it part time in South Fla.

Sooooooooo many under the radar…where’s sam reid,quentin traveres. bill hickey, felix seidler ,gordon guptill ,cary seidler ,buzz buzizi (sp) ,frankie freitas.bill bragg, this guy has opened a giant can of worms … another perspective is shapeers fungus,an organism that covers half a continent or two… six boards or was that 12 boards before 1970? man what a list, good luck and good will these lists will be extensive…ambrose…flying a stealth craft obvious only to a select few believers…

"Sooooooooo many under the radar… ambrose… flying a stealth craft obvious only to a select few believers… " Yes!! And we should never forget those who silently glide waves of invisible energy, deep among the undersea clouds…

Cleanlines - thanks for the info on Nomad, glad to hear he’s still at it. I’ve just submitted Bud Gardner’s name too. Bud’s even done a few boards under the old Surfboard House label recently. I hear Miller’s still at it, wouldn’t it be great to see a new Daytona longboard??? Any idea who did Surfboards East? Thanks again, hope everyone submits a name and/or a correction…

After checking out the site I now have a better understanding of how all the different religions came to be, a swag of written misinformation. KR

Hey, Dale, is that a Wayne Levin photo? Looks like his style. We took photo classes together and have mutual friends. Is he still in Hawaii?

surely ecodecendants of the sirens of greek myths…truely etherial photo…kudos camera guy …presence of mind to share the image with the un initiated…lest the undersea fliers be denied …I could stand more of that stuff easy ooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhh… ambrose