Thrailkill twin - build

Here is my attempt to do justice to one of Bill’s designs.

We talked - he drew me up a template for an 8’ broom tail fish to run his twin-single.

Just finished making a jig for the boxes. Gap between boxes is 1.070in.

May redo the jig on a more stable base but the concept works and the measurements we all good. 

Template is cut and will be ordering up some foam this week. 



Very interested in this build.

Is the board designed to surf the twin only? Can you drop a third box in the center and run it as a single?


In truth, you can run with only one fin.       And depending if you’re going left, or right, you have an ‘‘asymmetrical’’ with the fin closer to the rail, effectivly narrowing the ride side of the board.      Think something like Pipeline.     Clever, eh?

Would be cool to do a three box option, so you could do a direct comparison of how it rides as a twin vs a single.

Do a search for " Thrailkill you owe me a new surfboard" it is all about a direct comparison. 


Thanks for the link.  I’ve had problems with my iPad auto launching an app while on this site, so I’ve missed quite a bit lately.

Very interesting read.

Thanks Bill,

Ah, for explaining the asymetrical fin set up!

I don’t care to explain what the hell I was thinking!

Ah? But now it all makes sense…

BTW, 3 boxes a bit crowded, but more flexable.


Got these hand foiled fins in the mail today from Dave Town (warrior1515).

single sided foil per bill’s original design.  

Blank is on order an will arrive Wednesday.


The big question - will you install them foil in… or foil out???


Iirc, foil IN is the go per Bill

Blank came in Wednesday… Put a little work in today. 

8" x 15t x 21-1/4 wp x 14-1/4n

Very nice outline.

What will the bottom and rails be like?

You glassing?

Bottom will run a roll in the nose - flat through the middle with a very slight roll towards the rail and flat through the back/fin area.

Rails will be a soft low rail that starts at the nose that gradually transitions throughout the length of the rail to a hard edge in the fin area.

I will be glassing - 6 with a fin patch and 6 with a deck patch. - not sure if I will do and color or not. 

Also been tossing around the idea of a nose or tail block but havnt decided.

Don’t, keep it clean and simple.

The jury has spoken haha. I have yet to stray the course so I won’t start now. 

Hoping to make some progress tomorrow as yesterday I spent the day at the heritage auction. So many awesome boards, it felt good to get a good look and feel for the past and what works. 

Got everything all roughed out and smooth. Just need to do some fine tuning.

rails feel good with a slight dome on the deck … How do they look bill? Any changes?  Soft and the bottom gradually gets harder as the rail gets more turned down in the back.

Gonna sit on it for a day or two and then do all the fine tuning.

WideAWAKE, That looks awesome. Love the rail line, and really like that broom tail.  Great looking plan shape. 

Also really like the flat deck and the volume at the rail. 

It always amazes me how much more you see, when you step away from the shaping rack, for a few days.     Sometimes just a few hours will let you see something you missed earlier.     How does it look?      Pretty good, actually.      I had forgotten how sleek that outline is.

Beautiful!  Nice work.