Tips For Getting Fibreglass Super Tight?

Really flat and taught. That’s what I am after. Any tips from some of you long time glassers?

Folowing advice relates to glassing with polyester

Firstly, do the  obvious and  use of a gentle hand to massage the cloth out end to end,

then use a relatively viscous resin (add more styrene if you have to) and then over catalyse the resin. With a higher than necessary catalysing ratio, the styrene is really pumped out of the resin causing a type of slight shrink wrap effect , giving that taut tensile feel to the laminate, and therefoe the board. Not very "green", but we're allowed, all for a worthy cause.

Use a squeegee......................

…and push hard …




…or pull, as you may choose to describe it…


I would love to watch you glass a board

I was wondering....How does the Meyerhoffer get his laminations so tight?


don’t tempt me


I think you have to ''seal'' the blank first, correct?

Only if a sea lion is not available.


       Aloha dean,One thing that comes to my mind is to do a taped off glass job because when you do them you can use he squeege and push the glass towards the the stringer real tight. When doing free laps you can't do the same because you will push a lot of strings out of the weave and then you will have a mess. That is about the best I can comeup withand it should work. Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua.

before you wrap the laps, pull it tight to the rails from the center line. this only works on the deck where you would likely have two glass layers.  on the bottom you run the risk of pulling so tight that the lam is too dry and doesnt bond to the foam.  And on the deck lam you can pull tighter because you have the previously lam’d bottom to scape against and you don’t scar the raw foam.  hth


Or, just call tight seal!

or vac bag with this?


Jay - Got some time on your hands???  Ha!

Sorry Dean - Who knew such a question would bring out the comedians…  Thankfully Kokua and Greg shared something…  Good point about the layer of glass v. layers of glass…  I don’t do single layers so that wouldn’t have occured to me…

Thanks Greg.

Ask Leslie at Fatty Fiberglas.

Push? Pull?  Ken----I'd like to watch a few of these guys glass a board.