To PeteC

Sorry everybody, i wasnt sure what other way to get in contact with Pete. 

Hey there pete

Ive been told your hard to conatct and to not email you. So heres a thread just for you!

I just saw your Bosch planer modification kits. As an aspiring engineer i just was curious about how you made some of that stuff. I also use that bosch, and have a hell of a time clicking through almost 2 full turns with the stock shoe. Ive heard of people using the throw arm or bendix if im not mistaken, as the replacement shaft in the shoe. Your solution looks really clean and well done, i assume youre a machinist. Im already saving for one of your front shoe kits :smiley: Im off to enginerring school next fall so it will take a while to save it up haha

The next thing on my list is to tackle my vacuum attachment. I love the factory look yours has, and im pretty confused as to how you made it. CNC milling seems like the only thing possible, but maybe a skilled hand and a lathe could do it? Im not so sure as to what i could do to achieve the same low profile and maintaining the clean look. 650$ for the whole package is certainly a fair price, but out of my realm of reality. Ive been trying to make my own just with some concepts, and Ive drawn up some ideas in some free CAD software and tested flow in some fluid dynamics programs,  but nothing has come very close to what you have achieved there. Id attach the CAD files but i have no way of doing that on sways. 

So my question to you is any tips? unfortunatly i cannot afford the whole planer kit, but i would like to either replicate or design something just as clean and funtional as your  vacuum attachment design. 

Thanks for reading


Knock off the aspiring engineer and struggling college student stuff.  Just pay Pete for the Mod. Kit.  Or    When you’re too busy with homework to spend your college loan money on blanks, resin and cloth; send your current Bosch off to Pete and pay him to install the Mods.  Pete and his associates have invested time and money in CNC lathe/milling etc  He’s looking to break even at this time.  Pete has passed along lots of info, tips, do’s and don’ts on this forum for N/C.  There is lots of info in the archives concerning planer modification(some of it with commentary by Pete C   It’s low class to try to con proprietary trade info out of a manufacturer.   Pete’s not hard to get ahold of either.  My guess is you didn’t try.

Well said McDing. Pete did an amazing job on this deal.

Pete is the man.

Did a bang-up job designing the mods for that planer.

I’m sure he does not want to give away his secrets and all the hard work engineering that thing.

Pay him the money.

I love mine.

Nearly 100 boards with mine.

Good one McDing. 

Hard to reach?  What?

I bought a new Bosch off EBay and payed my $ and its in CA getting the Barry Snyder treatment. Cant hardly wait for its return!

Thanks Lowel, Barry,  Greg, and Roger. 

To answer the original question, it takes 3 different CNC machines, many fixtures and setups, and lots of programming hours to make the parts.   The tab is about $10K every month just to have this capability, and planer sales aren’t even going to pay the electric bill.  The motivation for this was to provide a real planer to pro’s and novices with the hope that handshaping as a skilled art will continue; typical of old guys who are losing their marbles.  If this could have been accomplished by some DIY instructions or other cheap means I would have done that 5 years ago.  Shit tools will not increase your skill level, only produce shit work.   There are no sales or advertising other than Swaylocks so anyone who wants one will have to come by and maybe also see what this-here art is all about.

Dear Steve Jobs  

 I Think your Apple computer is really cool But since I am in College I can’t afford one. Maybe you could share some tips on how you wrote the codes so I can build one of my own. 


 Bill Gates.

Dear Pete C,

When you are through taking care of Angus would you mind sending me a bit of extra $$$ to help pay for my kids college?

Your bestest, bestest, friend,



Pete is the man

That about sums it up!

I met up with pete last night to pick mine up and cannot wait to start cuttin some foam!

Its a very solid set up. Way beyond the Hitachi.

I have been using a Bosch for years. The thing I liked is how easy the dust chute can be reversed. I am left handed and all I had to do was flip the little lever and it would blow the dust the other way. I am offering this info for those of you that don’t use a vac. Pete’s little elbow that slips on to the dust chute port is unreal. Will go on either side. These planers are tough.

Don’t have anything to add about the Bosch but just want to agree that Pete is The Man. He took time to write me several e-mails that got my euro style Skill 100 back in action after my local tool repair guy told me it couldn’t be fixed and gave it back to me in pieces in a cardboard box.

I would love to get one of these, but I was hoping to do it piece meal keeping the costs down to a couple hundred at a time. I just don’t make enough boards to make this a good investment yet. Only doing about 4 a year. I have to think about selling boards to take things to the next level. At least I know they are out there and I can order one when the time is right.

wow you guys are assholes. i never ONCE said i wanted to get this guys designs of his shit. 

yeah welcome to being 17  college is 42,000$ a year, and yes i am going to Western New England school for mechanical engineering. I really am an aspiring to be an engineer you dipshit.  and i really am saving the 150? cant remember $ for his front shoe kit. AKA the ONE thing i cannot make myself! He figured this out and is clearly knowedgeable so I wanted help from somebody who had already gone through this process of design. I even mentioned this is a very fair deal, ive looked into machining its very very expensive. Im not about to say “oh thanks for sharing all your solidworks and other shit you worked on with me let me just make this and avoid the $$ spent” 

I simply want help making MY OWN vacuum attachment, and am impressed with this guys work. 


for you all who dont believe me, i have attached my reconstruction of one side of the planer so i can attempt at making MY OWN vacuum attachment. 

it is a work in progress so please feel free to hate more. 

Somebody has to be the Asshole.  That’s my motto.  Like it or not.  But in the spirit of Sways;  Which is the “do it yourself and on the cheap” way.  Every thing you need to do it is in the archives.  You mentioned the “bendix” mechanisim.  It’s right there in the archives.  You’re an engineer.  Do some R and D.  Pay some one to do a little lathing and make us look like fools.  You can do it and do it without milking Pete.  It seems to me it could be a great college project.  Your comeback was what I expected.  What I knew you wouldn’t do was apologize for coming off as someone looking for the easier softer way.  Lowel

No hate in the 08 or here on Sways.  I say “Go for it”.  Feel the Love bradda.

yes i do take offense to people making me seem like some scammer and to the people saying "oh poor me college is so expensive"i am no going to apologize for being mocked in a very obvious offensive manner. Youre all adults, so why not act like one and call me out like one without acting like my little sister. However,  my apologies for coming off as somebody i am not. that really was not my intention. And its certainly not my intention to “milk” anybody. Im hoping to finish my design and shoot it to Pete and see what he thinks. Ok? Satisfied Mr.Asshole?

i am no engineer. again, why i am asking for help. and im not trying to prove anybody wrong Mr.Mcding. Its i do not have the 600$ for his kit, and i already have one of these planers. It doesnt make sense for me to spend money i do not have to get something similar to what i already have that works. Im doing this project for the fun of working on something i enjoy, and hopefully to come out with a better solution then the 90* PVC elbow currently ductaped to my tool. 


Like I said:  “Go for it”.  Everything to get you on the way is in the archives.  And I think you are incorrect about the cost of Pete’s kits. If you carefully check the Swaylock Surf Shop I think you will find that he was selling a complete new planer with the mods for $500 plus not a kit for $600.

The one i was refencing was **The Barry Snyder Specia****l **for sale at his website for 623$. 

And to PeteC, thanks for the info. I was just interested in what tools you used. Just saying a few CNC milling machines would have been plenty to curb my curiousity. I am not in any way looking to undermine what you have created. Your kits and premodified machines look fantastic, im looking forward to ordering my front shoe kit. I apologize for making it seem as if I was trying too rip off or take away from your hard work. Tomorrow night i will take down this thread, as it was not my intention to spark some debate or conflict.