to 'the poms' .....

‘fatty’ , ‘kitey’ , ‘woody’ , ‘boardy’, others…

you guys have been quiet lately …what have you been up to ? hibernating?


[hopefully !] have you been working on fins / boards / been getting some good surfs lately ?

…well …I’d be keen to hear from merry ol’ england !

cheers ,


on the other side of the world

[west oz]

As long as you guys can laugh about being called ‘poms’, I have a short story.

A guy we met while travelling overseas, a pommy guy by the way, was getting fed up with being called ‘pom’. He hated it, which is all the more reason we kept calling him ‘pom’, a typically Australian trait.

One day he had had enough, was pissed off, and in retaliation he wanted to get us back.

“What if I was to call you guys…aussies?” he said in all seriousness.

“We are aussies!!!” we laughed back.

He got over it. Don’t take life too seriously, we’re all going to die one day. Catch a wave for me.

er…ummmm…this may sound stupid but, what’s a “pom” ?

this is pure speculation, but me thinks it’s the same as a “poof”

or a “bruce” (AU)…or is that a he/she? I might be taking this completely off course

pom = person from england…

it’s interesting to me to find that people don’t know what it means, i just thought everybody knew it as a world wide thing…

not knowing them isn’t a big loss :wink: j/k!


I think the word “pom” came from the early convicts and settlers in Australia, who referred to the the people back in the mother land of England as ‘Prisoners Of Mother England’.

Could be another explanation, I’m sure Chipper probably knows.

I know, the real Australians are the Aborigines, although I’m sure they didn’t call themselves ‘Australians’ before the first fleet.

My family tree was traced back to early convict stock, and even today we still reckon the biggest mistake the poms made was sending us here, and them staying there.

Oh well, the surf is good and the weather is fine. It could be worse.

Wildy’s right, Prisoner Of Mother England, P.O.M.E., abbreviated to Pom or Pommie.

And they’re still coming here!!!

I have a suburb just north of me here called Brighton. I think every pom from Brighton in England has moved there…

Around these parts, poms are reknowned for their skills at whinging and whining about all manner of things, hence the phrase “Mate, after that feed I was stuffed fuller than a Pommy complaint box.”

I think their internet must be out, not a single pom has replied…

hope I didn’t offend the pomegranate / pomme de terre eaters out there ?!

I just wanted to hear from "fatbaslardass " and his amusing mates , is all …

oh well, maybe they’re all rugged up indoors , playing some "good ol’ english indoor sports with the wenches " ?

"…whoaaa eh ? whoaaaa eh ? eh ? … know wha’ I mean , guvnor ? …nudge, nudge , wink , wink, EH ? … say no MO-ORE !! EH ? EH ? "


[ I bet that sick ol’ “balsa” and all his froggy mates probably think that ‘poms’ is short for "pom pom wearers "]

hey chip ,

speaking of poms [you’re one, after all , you por dude!] , I noticed you’re a “master” now ??? Is that as in a “master fart-blaster” , or is it because you do two posts a day , which you edit eight times each ? [‘sir wanksa’ has it sussed , it must be a ‘ben’ [t?] thing , maybe].

Anyway , I don’t know whether to say “congratulations” , or …“get a job, get a life , get a haircut, join the army, and get your head blown off”. You decide which I guess

cecil b. de random poster

well, I’ll deny all three

but they’re all true, damn it !

“happy valentines day” , by the way !

…I …uh… hope you managed to keep it in your pants for at least 24 hours for a change ? [Your step-mother said you need the opposite of a viagra pill. [Oh to be young again…not !]


This is what the “poms” have been doing all week!

This is what has us pre-occupied at the minute…! All rights to Geoff, fantastic pictures at

man , I hope you all survived THAT Tsunami ! [england is only a little flat island , about the size of tasmania , is that right ?


It just so happens that I was born a pommie. And up until 1964 we lived in Brighton. Then we imigrated to that convict settlement near New Zealand. I could be calling myself a Canadian right now. My parents had a choice Aust or Canada. Why leave one cold country just to go to another? So There you go. at least one reply from a former pom. By the way Brighton beach has no sand. It has peddles the size of oranges. platty.

Easy on the pomy bashing guys. :slight_smile:

Kitesurfer and myself have been putting some boards together. Will have some pics of mine soon I gues Kite will post his. We have had a few surfs on the local reefs(SOUTH COAST) which were breaking nicely. Kite’s taking me to a secret spot this weekend so if you dont hear from me after the weekend you know he had to kill me. Lets just hope it was worth it! I will be off in about 2 weeks time to sunny South Africa and will post some pics of my trip on my return.

Ex Safa soon to be full pomy

Keep well

good to hear from you swifty !

I was born in england [don’t tell anyone though , please ?]

the other surprising thing is , a mate has offered to teach me kitesurfing .

I checked out his board , and took measurements .

Now just got to work out how to make a kite . [sorta joking?]

What boards have you guys been making …thrusters ? twins ? quads ?

single fins ?

I look forward to seeing them

good to hear from ya mate …now fatbaslardASS and woody waverider …WHERE are you guys hiding ?

cheers !



Kite’s been rather busy with a modern fish for a freind and a single fin bute for himself(I hope he let me have a go on it) I have been busy on a modern squash tail thruster to replace the one that was stolen out of my garage at the end of last year. Dims are 6 X 14.5 X 18.75 X 12 X 2.3 I will use this board hear

And maybe jeffries if I feel like the effort but these spots are 6 min walk from my our house

Another pom here…

great to read this thread, i live near brighton uk, i might head over to the ‘new’ OZ settlement somtimes - it sounds great :wink:

Re the whingers (kaikoura) its no suprise really… i had the pleasure of passing through your area back in 2000, and man compared to everywhere else ive ever been, you live in heaven!! waves, mountains, green space, marine life, ect ect :wink:

I am glad the Cribber shots are online, there are more on the a1 surf site if you want to see more.

Not really had time to get all dusty for a while, but still come back daily as of the ‘visitors’ to see whats going on.

i do however have a 6’2c clark blank just waiting for me… :wink:

as ever

keent to learn…

this thread cracks me up – since the 1840s on up there’s been a large American population in Panama - and the Canal Zone was a US territory on up through 1999.

down here, amongst ourselves (Americans from the Canal Zone - aka “Zonians”) we use the term “Gringo” - and it’s almost a term of endearment - even Panamanians (the “other” Isthmians - haha ) use the term in an endearing way (when dems not pissed)

so one day I’m explaining to this Stateside type (tourist ) about the Canal treaties and such, and without thinking i’m saying things like, ‘back when the Gringos were here this’ and ‘the Gringos did that’. what I should have said is ‘back in the US days’ and ‘the Americans did…’ So I notice this guy (and his wife) put on a screwface - they’re thinking i’m using “gringo” in a derogatory way. So I hadda explain. This happens quite often, now that we have more Stateside types coming here.

gettin all upset - sheesh!