tomo nano dimensions.

Right well I like the nano concept, and i’ve got a nice 6’4 burford blank that caries lots of width all they way through and I was thinking of making a 5’10

Firewire list it as a 5’ 10"x19 3/4"x2 5/8"square tail 35.7L

Sizing is about right for me i think, but need to know 12" off nose and tail widths and tail widths. would 16" tail and 15.5" nose be far off???

Does anyone have access to one or have an idea of the dimensions. I’m not so savy to scale off drawings with a computer program

The tail looks really wide maybe 10 or 11" wide?

I’m thinking of just keeping pretty low rocker, I’ll see what the blank sits at when chopped and add i bit more on the nose. I know it runs a heavy single concave, so I guess I’ll be doing most of my foiling on the bottom.

Any help would be apprecated greatly.

Cheers Alex

That board is clearly “fish like”, so it’s probably more like 16 5/8" nose x 15 " - 16" tail? The wide point look n forward center a little( 2-3")…I’m geustimating. But that’s all you can do - unless you have one to dissect?

A low rocker is good on fish type designs.

10" - 11" I think on tail block? Def not 9"… I’d go 10 or 11", but not more.

Maybe thin the tail out a bit more. But if it’s your first board go slow. It’s easy to over kill. Might want sum v in front of the fins on really wide tails so you can turn it.

Yup. The major foiling is always done on the bottom. fine tuning foil on deck is ok - near tips. I’m no expert, but not such a fool that I don’t know that.

What’s your weight?

Thanks for the numbers shopaholic

This will be board number 6. Board number 5 will be a 6’9.5x20 round pin 4 channel single fin, i’ve just done the template for.

i’m only 75kgs but like to ride with a fair bit more volume than all the volume calculators recomend. Many of the good spots out of town have a lot of current so paddle power if handy. fire wire would siggest a 5’8 for me.

As for vee in the bottom, the original is concave all the way through so i think i’ll stick with it.

Just did a repair on a 5’9 x 19 3/4 x 2 7/16. Nose at 12" is 15 3/8" tail is 15 1/4". Nose rocker is 3 15/16" and tail is 2 1/8". Hope this helps

Dbslim you are my hero!!!

rocker is about what i thought.

Any idea on the depth of the single concave it runs??  1/4" max??

The board is not fish like.  It is much more on the shortboard spectrum of things.

One thing I’ll say is, you can go a little longer, or shorter if you want. It looks like a fish, but w square tail? According to the poster w repair board - he says the nose is 15 3/8" x 15 1/4" tail… so nose is 1/8" wider…nail down where wp is set and your half closer.

The concave sounds good!

my 5’7 x 19 x 2 3/8 is 15 3/16 nose and tail @ 12". Tail block is 9 7/8".

rocker above sounds good. Use rocker dims from a HPSB 8 inches longer that you like the rocker of and chop off 4 inches nose and tail, then add a little flip to the nose and you’ll be right. Concave is pretty deep in them. The originals were singles all the way through, the firewires are single to double.

at 75KG a 35L 5’10 sounds pretty big. You might want to go a fair bit smaller so you can engage the rail on that wide tail. or foil it out nice and thin to drop the volume. That much float and the design will skip around imo. 

for the record i ride mine at 30L and I am normally around 85-90Kg. 

Hope this helps. They really are a fun, versatile board. 

Basically Daniel started out created super high performance versions of fish with his Hydrofoil series of boards.  Next after those were the MPHs (Micro Planing Hulls) which is the line that the Nano is in, and after that came the Next Gens which are your Vanguards, Vaders, etc.  Each line of boards took what he learned from the previous line of boards using parallel outlines and finding a way to use a minimal amount of foam to still get usable volume.  So, you could say that the board is evolved from a fish but my comment was more on how the board rides.  They are just as HPSB as anything on the WCT, they just happen to look “funny” since they are being shaped with different theories than your average CI or Lost HPSB

if it skipps then it skipps.

For the record my current go to is 6’3x21.5x3", and i’m used to a fair bit of volume

It goes great from waist to double head. The only times i’ve had issues have been when a strong cross chop was running through the wave face. But i want to get back to riding smaller boards like my 6’0x20.25.2.75" its just we have such shit surf here in Perth and i rarely get the oportunity to get to places like margaret river and perth surf is rarely very tempting. hopefully a fresh stick will light the fire again!

hmm i just watched this and had my mind blown!!




I guess it will still work, probably more like a grovel/funboard than the HP intention of the original design though.

you’ve got me inspired to do a new one for an upcoming indo trip!

Well, I’ve just shaped my template.

anyone care go give me some feedback before I cut it out on a burford 6’4MB blank???

Ty for info… It is different, but uses elements of other designs…Yeah, I was reading about his “Vanguard”, and from what I understand is: the parallel outline in the front creates drive/speed, and the thicker tail block allows MORE volume I think for float? Cool board’s! I’m going to shape one, probably a vanguard type.

I’d draw it out full scale (both sides) on something.

Looks pretty good, though.

did you nail down where the wide point is on that design? If in doubt I would probably leave wp at center, or move wp forward center 1 1/2" -3" or
So…but if you could get that info first it would help. Anyway, did you see Tomo’s jet fish tail twin fin? Pretty k!

Update: I just looked at your nano board at fire wire site, and yup!wide point IS forward center! So I’d say 1 1/2"- 2" max -according to pic… you prob could go wider at 20"for a six 0", and 21 1/4" for a six four…tail looks a bit wider than nose. Corners round at
Tail block,straight rail line on rear half…

Ok here she is cut out!

close enough! Good job. Now just don’t overshape it…

What kinda rails you putting on it? Are you doing a single concave? Single to double, or?

I guess I hadn’t thought about rails just yet.
The blank I had is pretty low on rocker, so just going to get the rocker and foil sorted first. It might end up a tad thicker in the guts to put enough rocker in the nose and tail before I cut the single concave in.
The blank is quite thick so got a little wriggle room left.

Pic of the foil once rail bands done and blended in