Twinzer glitches

Hi guys,

I’ve been messing around with twinzer conversions for a few months now, making fin sets, etc. 

Ive used Jobson style placement, though my mains have more rake and base. 8.25, 1 3/8 separation, and up to 3/8 overlap with leads ( though I put them up as far as I can) on a 6’3.

Half of the time I feel like I’ve found the holy grail…so fast, so high and tight, go good backhand,and go in micr waves…BUT, when I really lay into a bottom turn they tend to feel locked up and just bleed off energy until I get back into trim. 

Are they all like this? I would love to get one tuned up, it would be a weapon.

any suggestions would be appreciated!



I’ve been high on my jobson since last spring. What do you mean locked up?

I’ve tried a lot of twinzers and his are definitely the ones. For me they hold in on bottom turns and cutbacks but are still responsive. Not tracky at all. Not twitchy either. Just fast and turn on a dime.

I’m looking to make some new fins for my twinzers too. Liked what you posted on the Fin thread. Currently working on one with bonzer canards.

Hi GS,

when I lean into a good bottom turn, instead of picking up speed and projecting down the line there is a definite feeling of stalling and drag. It feels like water is “jamming” between the mains and canards.

It never happens when I’m racing along, only when I weight up in a turn.

Totally the opposite of my twin fin, which just goes faster the harder I boot it.

it doesn’t happen so much with the bonzer types I posted a while back, but is a real problem with the more normal ones.

ps wish I had a Jobson!

Maybe the photos distort but boxes in that top pic look almost parallel with stringer - not enough toe in, and could explain resisting high speed turns

The toe on that board is 3/16 in 5". It’s plenty loose, but yeah just doesn’t behave when I jam it.

I have a Griffin twin/thruster which I twinzer up sometimes. The canards end up being slightly more toed in than the twins, maybe 1/4 and 1/8respectively. That board shows the same behaviour at times, though never in pure twin mode…

I don’t know, maybe I’ve got the balance in main/canards wrong. Small movements seem to make very noticeable differences…

i think I saw pics of one of your twins with canards. Did that come off the bottom okay?

Btw Bud, I’ve been so stoked to see your posts over the years, especially your twins. Beautiful work there.

Jobson twinzers and all twinzers are very sensitive to rocker . i bet its your rocker more than anything

Quite possible, it is pretty curvy in outline and rocker.

Is the ideal rocker a bit lower? It seems like Jobsons outlines are straight in the tail area too…

“.BUT, when I really lay into a bottom turn they tend to feel locked up and just bleed off energy until I get back into trim.”

I have shaped and ridden 8-9 Twinzers over the years.  I also have a number of friends who only ride twinzers.  Feeling locked and losing speed is the exact opposite of how I would describe the feeling in a bottom turn.  You should feel a squirt and acceleration when you lean over on the bottom turn.  A projection down the line if you will.  As someone else mentioned it most likely has to do with outline and bottom rocker.  It appears that you installed twinzers on a stock HP short board with a chopped off nose?   I have used Larmo as my inspiration when making twinzers.  You can plop twinzer fins into any old board but I think it is the total package that will make it shine.  Here is my latest 6’8" twinzer waiting to be glassed and sanded.  I’m not sure how this one will work.  Don’t give up on the twinzer.  They have their place.

Hi bluenose,

you are right, it was a stock thruster and a fairly curvy one at that. Lots of single concave too, which probably doesn’t help out.

I’ll probably shape my own sooner or later, the good qualities of the ones I’ve done so far are very alluring.



Nice main fin template !!



Old wetsuit material on the shaping rack…  Brilliant!

Those are your G10 twins, sprayed orange. It was the height of my “orange period”!



having another swing swing at twinzering today. A very old 6’3 I found in the rubbish cut down to 4’10.

not expecting great things, but might be fun, after I had a go on a 4’4" Bing Speedsquare the other day.

looks like you toed in the canard same as the main. try the canard at 1/4 and the mains @ 3/16. I may be mistaken from the photo angle. I tried one with a fin template with more rake and it was an absolute dog, replaced the fins with a more upright fin and it was 100% different. 

are you from west oz, clamsmasher ?


  if not , HOW did a busted up H2O board end up in a  ? USA dumper bin ['clam’s]  ?


… I haven’t seen an H20 board around for YEARS !!

Haha, yes, I’m around Cott.

Whenever the council has hard rubbish collection in Scarborough, I drive around and pick up busted or chucked shooters.

Got 3 this time, but the H2O was the only one intact…sort of.

Lets me practice the various repair skills and get a little freaky. Also eases the pain of the eternal wave drought we seem to get here.

You from WA, fins?

yep , until april 22nd this year.


I moved to vicco then.


  I had lived at scarborough for 2 decades [20 years]

photo 1390735_723195541025495_1291391122_n_zpscf37f3c9.jpg



  Ross , my neighbour about 100 metres away  from where I used to live [pearl parade]  , runs longboards scarborough / ‘soul boardstore’ …and masquerades as ’ P-Co’ , here at sways …


[my ‘avitar’ photo is , in fact, taken where I surfed / photographed ALL the time , and where my mate marty was photographed [on]  a couple of days ago , with what they reckoned was a  2metre  bronze whaler shark in the background , as he paddled close in [ at the ob city / manning bank ] …

photo martyandshark_zps00493707.jpg


I moved over from Mornington Peninsula a couple of years ago. I really miss the waves over there

Have you twinzer guys found any connection between the ‘overlap’ of canard and main fin, and performance ?


hi clammy !

 I just  found that shot of the ‘prawn’ board  [R.I.P]  setup that I mentioned I tried [ done a few years ago , now ] … it WAS on the first page of the “my fin tinkerings” thread , by the way , mate !

photo zquadhomemades_zps144bcfeb.jpg

and , to pre-empt your question …it was a council collection roadside verge [aka ‘roadkill’ ] board . Which I stripped , and reshaped . Retained the existing single fin box . I added plugs , a few at a time . [Pretty butcher job on a couple of them , unfortunately …]


anyway , for what it’s worth , mate …here’s a view of the bottom of the board …



photo fin7_zpsbdc38442.jpg