Underground revival Update

October 24 2018


What a ride !!!

Sold the “Rancho”, sad day.

Moving to my small beach home.

Gonna miss my shop…




looks good, a winter board for the kid, I bet.  Vta overhead?

Just finished sanding it.

So now I erase plan dimensions on the build sheet and start from nose to center and tail to center and I’m thinking 6’-0", hum overlap at center came out 5’-11 somehow!

Boy came by and saw it. Told him this is my best yet and it’s all me.

Just short!

Here’s my charger from 7’-8" 72…behind it on rack my last weapons  8’-0" and  8’-6" . Boy said the new board reminded him of the yellow board, kind a funny, eh?

Boy is gonna be ready…

Waves comin’ big a nuff for da Eddie?


Lit’l Sis a winner!

Too much North in both these swells for us!!!

Bixby, Jalama still scraps!

Big Sis got wet.

Ride report, Boy nursing it on bottom turns.

Told him to trust it and put it on edge and stay with it (like drop-in in a half pipe).

Lit’l Sis in for repairs took the time to “adjust” the rail shape in the business section.

So with the waves we have now, its back to the groveler!

 Here is a shot from yesterday evenings session.

Photo is very new I’ll have a better one a little later.

Had a chance to get some photos of “Litl’ Sis” as she was dry docked.

The rail change I spoke of is a tucked edge all the way around (thanks to Greg Griifin).

Just modified the business section as the rest was on par.

As a surfer for 52 years etc. serious boards had hard edges and I surfed 'em that way with no regret.

Recently, B. Berger said something that got my attention regarding edges in “higher energy”.

I stated that “Boy” was nursing his bottom turns, BTW Reverb is on this like a fly on white and I mean volume and sinking the rail.

Avatar sez  “use as much as is necessary” to put you in da spot, yeah?

Been at this a while and here is my current answer, Big Sis - Lit’l Sis.

Boy has a complete quiver now, Ah and no excuses.

Eh, bro’s no ego, yeah,  just looking for my alien relatives, thanks eh?

Long Live The Dark Side!

Here’s a cool one.

Lit’l Sis…

Been fishing this hard and no bites.

I  paid my dues, unlike other run on fools.

Really would love to find some like minded folk.

Like to think I can pick out what’s workin’ and tweek it.

Yesterday, got sunburned as sh*t watching some grovellers work and learned a lot.

And that’s how I do it, no help, just keep messing til a Bingo pops up.

last shot at this…

Big Sis - Lit’l Sis rockers.

Me guess’,  “no one will ever fall in love with a, nitro burning funny car” DMM.

Aloha Nui Loa

I admire your thoughtful research in your process, and dig your writing style too.

Are you saying you’re wishing you had more feedback from people on Swaylocks, and feel like you’re not getting it in General Discussion?  Maybe you could try doing like Chip (“Fins”) does and address your posts directly to the people you know could give you the feedback you’re looking for…

I’m afraid you might be getting overlooked in E&Bs.


Down here there was a brotherhood of warped out space folk.

What the hell happened?

Free range I guess.

Here’s wierd.

The “Super Bowl” came and went.

Such HYPE!

What if ???

Dig this!



`Boy went for surf.

Groveller, sh*t

Deep in the underground…

Anyone there???

Anything goes down here besides pissin’ matches.

Eh, the other day the damn CNC fu*k8d up pretty bad and as they tried to fix it I thought of this one!

Awful humor But, what would the “Big guys” do???



Deadshaper has explained his moniker.


Should prove to be enlighten first and entertaining second, I hope.

Me? Bummed and stoked.

They are dragging me back in, day job involving a certain energy source, busy and good for boy.

Down side is the fun side will suffer.

Been on a mission with the single concaves and making progress.

And am ready to add some more scrapple to that grenade.

Finally got the F30 Mods done, only nothing to try it on til next week.

Also re doing my shop, a better vac system (thanks Barry I love the floor by pass) and new LED lighting.

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Life is good.

“I’d like to have a problem like that” Joe Diffie.


No rest for the wicked.

Rainin’, a little depressed

and all the while wondering…

Outta here for a while.

Before I go.

1 last shot

Da na na na.

It lurks.

Deep Underground…

came up to post something crazy…

Eh Barry,

this years rocker (in progress).

Last year it was the least (fast) rocker we could get away with.

Cool but not responsive in tight spots and the ever present danger of pearl diving in the nasty spots.

Brothers can’t remember making an all red board.

pix 1 last thing close 78!

I’m callin’ the guy “El Diablo”.

Viva the underground…

Good stuff Matt, 

I never check bugs and error but noticed some good info here. Boy charges!  


I rarely check this catacomb.

Just dropped by to see who the latest exiles, banishments and excommunicants are.

To my surprise, I found this.  What is up Matt?

This belongs in General Discussion…