US Blanks Special Formula for Kazuma

Matt Kazuma Kinoshita is making all kinds of equipment out on Maui under his Kazuma Surfboards label. He utilizes his hand shaping skills as well as the multiple machines he owns. He also has a special blank formula too


Hi Grant,

So how do we get Kazuma blanks?  Does U.S. Blanks sell them to everybody?

Yeah Da Islands get all the good stuff!

Thanks for getting around to this interveiw.  The guy’s been on the cutting edge for awhile.  The complete shaper designer in that he uses the basics of a hand shaper and the new technology of CNC.  Doesn’t get the publicity of an Al or Rusty but everything he does is right there on that level.  Nice to see him mention Roger Anderson in the same breath as Gerry and Ben.  Roger is another guy that doesn’t get alot of respect outside the 808.  Lowel


I remember doing young brother runs down to the containers on Oahu back before Clark shut down.  More than a few times, noticed fully loaded pallets of blanks going to Kazuma, Maui.  Lots of hpsb blanks.  There was also a hot,westside wahine named Megan who rode Kazuma.

Now times are different. Clark is gone.  Megan(sp.?) still rips but is an awesome Mom.  Kazuma is Matt.  Good with machine and hand shapes.  So my Question is:  What is the formula and is it available to all?  The red is very good and so is the orange.  Maybe it is the other end of the spectrum.  High density. heavy tow board kind?  I would like to try if it is a crisp, tight and lighter than orange.  Otherwise, Those Maui big wave tow guys are in a league of their own.  Much Respect and no need for me or my friends.  

Can you tell us what the scoop is?

so why the pink glue up?



cheers huie

It was the only color available at Wally-Mart mate.  Whaddya think??.  They hired a girl to do glue-ups??  Ya got me.

**not sure why you think i am not entitled to question when  someone else has a product **IT GETS FUCKING RIPPED OFF

ya coming off a bit bitchy these days lowel?

Watched most of the video. The guy has three shaping machines on an island with around 120,000 people. That is some capital right there and he is a fireman?

Kazuma must be booming and enough so that FI. HI.(US blanks) has custom formula.

I had no idea and just ordered a custom from the mainland.  Those guys rip . Gosh Darnit.

Missed your comment above.  Midget had the pink and his foam is the best I have tried except for some real dion green about twenty years back.  excuse my ignorance but is this the same pink?  Would not surprise me one bit, Maui.

i would not know what there formula is ? but i am saying midget identified his lightest foam in pink glue ups

why would they go out of there way to just copy how fucking original not

yes midgets foam is light years ahead of the yank shit they need gruby to rea-mearge

as for the hoax eps where are the benifits?

I worked with US Blanks with the goal of developing more durable end product. The “Kazuma” formula is a denser formula that sucks less resin when laminating. To be exact, a finished shaped 6’1 is 1 oz heavier than a Surfblanks green (which by the way is fantastic foam) The denser formula takes on much less resin which actually saves me 2 oz of weight on the finished product (on a 6’1"x18.5"x2.25" ) bigger the board the bigger the weight savings. Since I am using a denser foam, i have tons more laminating options, have much less fin box failures and much less board breakage. The other by product of this formulation is that it shapes much easier with a finer finish.

Pink glue up? No one here is trying to copy anyone, I chose pink so that I would be able to identify the new formula blanks in my factory. As of today the glue up is blue just because I want blue. Next month?

I told US Blanks that I am OK with all other shapers ordering the “Kazuma” formula, I always share any knowledge that I have just as my mentor Ben Aipa taught me. It is called the Aloha Spirit.

I listen to my customers and strive to make the best product that I can make even if it means less profit. I am fortunate to have US Blanks willing to work with me on achieving my vision on the foam side and Fiberglass Hawaii helping me on the resin and cloth side an I would be happy if someone else could benefit off my r&d.

Matt Kazuma Kinoshita

Havin’ fun with you at your exspense.   I’m old.  Of course I’m entitaled to be “bitchy” once inawhile, not this time.  I knew what you were getting at.  Everybody copies everybody elses glue color.  I know your loyalty to midget.   Which by the way we don’t see any of his blanks over here these days.

Come on Huie.  Where’s the Aloha Down Under/??

Spoken like a gentleman and one with the aloha spirit. Thank you Matt. 

BTW, many here will agree with you that the stronger cores will produce the better board in the end. This has been shown time and again in materials testing and in practice. 

I. Pink glue up? No one here is trying to copy anyone, I chose pink so that I would be able to identify the new formula blanks in my factory. As of today the glue up is blue just because I want blue. Next month?

**more power to you’’    my argument for what it is worth was if you have a product that you may think is wiz bang why use something that some one else  uses to identify it?

the pink glue up at s b identify its lightest foam  so surely your new product needs its own identity**


**mybe my comment helps   mybe not   **


cheers huie

What is with the confusion? The color of a blanks glue up has zero indication on its weight. The “Kazuma” formula is just the “Kazuma” formula plain and simple. I have pink, blue and clear glue up’s. Next container will be black then maybe red/white/blue. The last thing that I would do is to try to piggyback on Miget’s product as he has an amazing product. Btw, I have never seen a “pink” Surfblanks in Hawaii.

Hay Matt, I’m going to try the your formula. B.T.W. Back in 1989 I was at Ventura shop picking up some blanks from Stan. Ben was there shaping. I asked if he would mind if I sat in and to watch him shape. He was very accommodating and friendly, and said of course you can. I got to watch him shape a 6’6" stinger and two nose riders with chimed rails and spoon concave noses. He made everything look so easy. I picked up on the chimed rails no problem, but it took some doing before I was able to shape a good spoon concave nose. It’s still a little tricky for me. if you have any video of you shaping a spoon nose send it to my email. Mahalo: Mitch

So let me get this straight.  You can’t get your blanks glued up with a color stringer glue of your choice?