users name on this site

How do i change my users name? i go to edit and i can change everything but my users name?

The problem is that my name is Steve Smith.  Unless I invent a time machine that can take me back to the creation of the internet I am out of luck. Yaar43 was just easier that stevesmith1,000,043.

you need to create a new name or talk to an admin

yah, that login name looks pretty ornery.

Go for something simpler like himmler or mikidora or something.

Only six posts so far.  Just register with a new name.  We don't know you yet anyway LOL.

 i think you need to work in more creative use of non letter characters in your new name. k3w11d00dzr1p

i was thinkin' a name more like ,"your name here" would be a great suedo !



How about your real name, eh?    Herb Spitzer and Thrailkill are taken, but I'm certain there are plenty of other fine names you could use.

I’m pretty sure stingray03 is still available…oops! Did I just say that?!

How about doodysurfs.

Sounds like “Dude he surfs” don’t it?


i was thinkin' to change my name when i use to act back in the 80's.

you being a gemstone expert would like this one.........."alexx xanherite".


i like the real name thing, puts yourself out ther, none of this hiding behind a laptop, out there for all to see…good and bad…

only good here…yup i do surf…just wondering bc only have one e-mail address, just got into shaping…thanks for help

Liz Onya

''Be yourself; everyone else is taken.''   - Oscar Wilde -

    Kokua=Wildog=Mike Williams. I use Kokua so you won't mistake me for one of the Mike Williams that play pro football. Aloha Kokua

That’s a great idea. Im changing my name to AngryNakedMan

Well, that’d be a lot more fitting

And I bet that wasn’t peanut butter on Keith’s tent, either.  


I'm pretty sure stingray03 is still available....oops! Did I just say that?!


I love you, would you like a man hug?

It's all good.......There's only one me....My name is Stingray.

o2 and 03 are posers