Vintage 70's gunny "BING" Maybe???

My freind has this board and wants $60 for it.It is in 8/10 shape and kind of interesting looking.Anyway here are some pics of kinda what the logo looks like and the shape of the board.

It is similar to these two photo’s. It is green on top and blue on bottom with a single box fin.It has a large black diamond coloring on the top near the tail. Is this a bing? If I buy it ,don’t like it, can I get what I pay for it? I don’t want to loose any money on the deal.

What do you mean, “kinda”? If the logo looks like the first pic, it’s definitely a Bing. If you provided photos of the actual board in question, we’d be able to help.

What you do provide doesn’t work.

But it’s a great pic of Joel and his son.

I can’t remember what it looked like. Close to that image. Should I snag it if it is? Is it a good investment or a waist of $

Here is a better pic of “kinda” what the board looks like.


“Kinda, sorta, maybe, little bit…”        Does                  not                              work.

So far, you’ve put up a pic of a Bing ‘cutout’ lam, a pic of Joel Tudor with what looks like a board that isn’t a Bing, and a pic of a Bing Lotus…which was a very limited run shape from around 1970. Unless you can come up with a photo of the exact board, all we can do is guess.

Let’s try to get some specifics. How big is it? What kind of fin, or box, does it have? Does it have a leash plug, or any other factory installed leash attachment?

Got a serial number on it? You might have noticed that Bing, himself, has already looked at your first post.

So, make an effort.



Sorry guys… So I just went and got the board. Here are the pics.There is a leash plug.Box fin is  fiberglass. It’s a

6’10" x 20 1/4" x3" .I can’t wait to ride it. Any help on the brand would be great!

Can’t see shyte in those pics. Except, what looks like a disguised repair in the tail.

The tail if fine. Are you talking about the black color? It’s stock coloring.Kinda weird…I know. Any help on the Logo? It’s 7’0"x21"x3" Leash blug & box fin.Fin is fiberglass.I can clean it up and get more pics if anyone’s interested.

1 ) I can’t even see the logo


2 )  What kind of fin box?


Those photos do not show much, at all.

Boy sammy your hard to please…JK…I’ll have to clean it up and get more pics.Thanks for the interest though. Logo look familiar at all?

Box fin is just standard I guess.

The logo looks kind of like a Rick double bubble.  Doesn’t look like a Bing

Logo looks like a Rick- shaped by Rick Stoner, Hermosa Beach, California


It is very hard to tell from the blurry picture, but I'd agree that it looks like Rick's logo.  Further more, I'll go out on a limb here, and just from memory it looks pretty much to me like a typical mid 70's stock S. Californa winter board.  No way that I buy that the tail color was stock, looks to me like someone good at ding repair is covering something up.  Still, for 60.00 bucks, seems like a score and could be big fun. Enjoy



If it’s a ding repair ,it’s a pretty good one. You cant tell from the pics but it’s pretty solid in the tail. Anyhow it should be interesting to try a singlefin. Is this Rick Stoner guy still around?


No, my good friend Rick died from a brain tumor in 1977.


Sorry to here that.

Are you sure that’s his logo?

Here’s a better pic.That line throught the middle of the two circles has a skeg on the right end.You can just make it out in the pic.

Oh, by the way.This skeg is super upright and thick as hell, and has a little bend in it.What would be a good replacement for it.

Your right.I think it is his logo. I see the surfboard going throught the center of the circles match on both logos. This is a really nice board.I plan on fixing all the dings and cleaning it up .I’m going to be riding it here in oregon and in Costa Rica at a nice walled point break in febuary. What kind of fin would be best to buy for this board?

Bing…can you tell me a little about your friend Rick?

Clean up the fin, and use it.    It is an excellent fin!       An FU ''Brewer'' fin.   

[img_assist|nid=1047800|title=Bing 7'6"|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=467]I had a lot of fun on this one.

That’s a good deal.

Here we go. Here’s to you Rick.

One issue with the fin…It’s a little warped.The tip is curved a little towards one side.I don’t know how this is possible.