Volan vs. S Glass


For my new longboard the glass is 2x6 oz on top, 1 x 6 oz on bottom. I asked for a Volan deck patch, but the shop said (this is Hawaii, lots of shapers) that Volan is pretty rare these days, they suggested a 6 oz. S glass deck patch. They will do the Volan, it just costs a bit more.

Is there any reason to go one way or the other? Will the board weight be similar either way? How about dent resistance?


Paul C.
Mililani, HI

@user67 Volan has a classic old-school looking tint to it but from my experience it’s the same as e-glass strength wise. S-glass can drink up a little bit more resin but it’s much stronger and you can use 4oz instead of 6oz. Here is a good thread: Best Cloth - #3 by hydro_skiper