Want to be immortalized...

Want to be immortalized in print?

Ben Marcus, surf writer of high regard, is writing a book called “365 Surfboards.” It will feature interesting and important boards and their stories. Ben has asked me to connect him to people from Swaylock’s who might want to contribute to the book. If you have a board (whether built or bought) that you think the world needs to know about, then this is your chance. Contact Ben directly via Swaylock’s private message or email him at thebenmalibu@gmail.com to learn more…

Here’s his original annoucement and below are some pics from his book journey so far…


Speaking of Burt, I notice from his profile that he hasn’t been around for a while…anybody in touch with him?

Frankly, whether they want it or not, I think there’s literally dozens of Swaylockers doing amazing things that the greater surf world should (and would want to) see. This is a great opportunity and I hope many of you take advantage of it. Ben is an honest, guy and very open to a wide range of concepts – doing this project simply as a labor of love. Sound familiar? This isn’t simply another industry love fest. Get in touch with him directly if you have any questions…

On a separate note, I’m thinking we should start a list here of Swaylockers that deserve to be recognized by a wider audience for various reasons. Here’s some that immediately come to mind…anybody care add on?


Paul Jensen
Herb Spitzer
John Mellor
Kirk Putnam (if you saw his quiver you’d know what I mean)
Barry Snyder
Resinhead (for amazing restorations)
Manny Caro
Balsa (Guilhem)
Robin Mair




Is this really something Swaylock- atarians would aspire to ?
Maybe the pro shapers, sausage manufacturers, glass shops or resin sellers might wallow in the kudos and hubris but for the majority of us backyarders, amateurs and part time foam hacks, 



 Im just happy to be here, its a gas just to look and listen,

"  Im just happy to be here, its a gas just to look and listen "

I'm sure it is , mate ...  yes there are already in excess of 18000 people [!]  here who do that , unfortunately !


 and ...


 if about oh ,  say ? 200 maybe ? people here , didn't post any photos of boards , and such ...


  guess what you would be looking at ?


  that's right ,


the same thing you are looking at / reading now ...


And ,  wouldn't sways be really  boring then , hey ?


 For the ignoramuses amongst us ...


  books are to educate , encourage , inspire .


  Maybe swaylocks could be too ....


   .....  IF people did the equivalent of what ben marcus is doing , in book form . 


    Face it , how many good books on surfboards are on the shelves at bookshops , nowadays , eh  ?



   Car lovers have a myriad of books to choose from , for their love / hobby / ? 'lifestyle' ?


... so ... why don't WE ??  [ reading your post , gives me all the clues I need .... ]






GL looks a little bit more like Yoda’ every year…lol

i am sure gene, jim phillips, and thrailkill would have some work that would be perfect for something like this

one of surfoils crazy creations would probably fit as well

speedneedle too

a spray job by atomized

what about the journey of the quad from oldfield - that would be a special one to have in his book

wood ogres paddle/sail board

a paul jensen or huck hollow board

nocean or bud for a super clean modern stick

modern fish from reverb

advanced layup from coil or lemat

corky from drewtang

special custom from balsa

woody from kayu

compsand from huie

how about the controversal "Bolt" board?

that was insane when Paskowich got all wadded.

the board was nothing more than foam, glass and some stratiegicly placed veneer. but the thread was intense.

Yes please Grasshopper, I’ll have one of each…

one of the 'travel around the country/world and let as many people ride as possible' board would be cool

there have been a feew of those.....

well said , 'swaylock' /  mike paler !


 I totally agree !


gone [from sways] , but not forgotten ....


  ... bert berger

  ... 'hicksy's  " GIANT SKATEBOARD build " thread  [ ..... ? allowed?  It was waaaay bigger than a SURFBOARD , after all ?!]


 my suggestion is also .....






 Swaylocks is WORLD-WIDE , so as with the suggestion of balsa , woodogre , and ambrose , and others of cuttlefish's list , [DEFINATELY!] , it WOULD be good to have OTHERS from around the WORLD in the book , too ...




  my brother Simon  has quite a variety of boards in his collection , too, by the way ! [ if interested , ben , see the 'swaylocks surfboard design photo forum' thread] 


let's help Ben out , eh ? I reckon his heart is in the right place , so no more pissing on a guy who wants to show good boards , creativity , and to encourage people .



  cheers !


  ben , west oz


 ..... speaking of encouragemt ..... where is 'kokua' ??  come baaaack , Mike !   " R U  ok ?!"

Second vote for Burt Burger and Josh Dowling (Speedneedle). Their work is truely inspirational to me and I’d dig seeing their craft in a book!


Here’s the deal, include them in the book and I’ll buy it!



This board...


Built by this guy......


....ABSOLUTELY , Ray !


  top choice , mate !





Bert’s in Thailand.  Haven’t heard anything in a while but you can bet he’s working hard.  Told me he found some really nice surf there too.

Oh, hold up, almost missed a trick! Also include the one person who has, in my mind, done more to influence modern board building than any other. He’s been there, in some way, for most of the new tech board building breakthroughs…Greg Loehr!!! 

yeah a greg loehr timberflex

a greg griffin 5 fin fish

a tim stafford freak fish 6  fin bonzer

a lovelace hull

treasure trove of unique surfboards and builders on sways!


I'm a mere mortal, waiting for immortality.  But while I'm here I am and have been everything a "low profile" "backyard" "under the radar" "die hard" surfboard shaper should be. Lowel   

hi again , Ben Marcus !


hopefully some of the boards here  ,


   may be of interest ?


 .... not sure if you get 'jet bottoms' in america ? . If not ,  maybe THEY could be included , with kudos to Erle Pedersen [from queensland , australia ]


   cheers !