Weapons of Mass Velocity (WMv's). . . .

Post your W.M.V’s over here !

Here’s W.M.V fin system being built, for the Thrusterbuster MKII, a development of the Thrusterbuster MKI and the Resolute Salmon.

Thrusterbuster MkI:


The finished board. . . built 2001 at the beach under an awning during a camping trip. . . . all redwood. . . ‘glassed’ with muslin . . … . . weight approximately 15 pounds:

And a bit of mass velocity testing (whatever that means ):


Anyway the fin system morphed into this on the ‘Resolute Salmon’ :

and then altered to a shorter based version of the bulb tipped keel on the same board:

Both setups were very good indeed, and here is a video clip of the new Carbonfiber/Meranti bulb tipped keelfin for the MkII Thrusterbuster being made:



Here’s the deck being laid out, a few slash joins here and there:



World’s fastest trellis !

Hey T~Bloke,

Regardless of what the mainstream may say there is no doubt in my mind that if anybody’s livin’ the dream it you.

When it comes to board and fin configuration our ideas run as far ascue as is imaginable but you’re obviously havin’ a gas both with construction and riding waves.

Sometimes when I’m dreamin’ I can see an 8’0" twinzer built with your construction methods and a high performance more moder board foil. All I need is about 10k + that I don’t need and I could come down there and we could build the thing, that is if I could stay out of your way long enough to do it. Too bad my pockets aren’t deeper.

Your videos and music are great fun.

No Worries, Rich

Dat Bloke, he one wild and crazy guy!!!

Hi Rich, Thanks for the encouragement, and I do like your fins by the way.

I would love to build a Twinzer, perhaps you could help with fins and fin placement if I did make one? I don’t know much about Twinzers really, not yet anyway. I would make a parallel profile Twinzer, and just to keep our tradition of disagreement alive I have to say that the P Profile is more modern than the tapered profile, the tapered profile is the old traditional way, the P Profile is the new way. . . at least around here !

All the best,


Hey T. Bloke,

Ah yes the great tradition of dissagrement! It’s what progress is built on so long as it’s done in good humor. Let’s not give it up.

Modern is a word that means nothing it’s so relative. When you really break things done it just relates to the present and we know how fleeting that is. The old is often better than the new. It has been proven time and again that melding new ideas with old ones is where things really start to take off.

As far as a twinzer configuration is concerned the tail is going to have approached much differently than a single fin board is. Bottom, rail and rocker configuration are what makes the twinzer go. Basically the rail on low side of the board becomes disengaged when the board is loaded during a turn. As to the fins, the small lead fin scavenges flow for the larger drive fin and acually amplified it’s lift affect. Some flex in the board also serves the concept well. I see how nicely you’ve demonstrated the flex of you construction in you films. The tail of the board wants some width and mild parabolic concaves working into a subtly vee’d tail to generate lift.

I’m surfing a 9’2" x 22’5" twinzer that weighs 18.5 lbs these days. I’ll post some photos of the bottom configuration when I can. Twinzers have wonder quickness, tremendous drive and trim speed is wonderful because there is no center fin drag as the engaged fins are both smaller and working for each other.

A board like this would definitely work extremely well done with your building methods but tail design will have to be total departure from you drawn in deep pintail approach to singles.

Discribe for me what you mean by “P” profile and “Tapered” profile so I know we’re on the same page.

By the way, back in the day I surfed the hell out of a 6’9" teardrop shaped board with an outline much like one of the boards in your films. I finally gave it up cause it simply wouldn’t generate enough speed to make tha hollow sections I surfed. I ended up with and 7’0"x 21.0 swallow tail that was too stiff and single. Once got rid of the center the board took off. It’s a great one and sits in the front of the Freeline Surf Shop here in Santa Cruz.

No Worries, Rich

Rich, a 9’2" x 22.5" at 18.5 pounds Twinzer ? Now you’re talking !

Is that a 9 foot swallow tailed Twinzer in your attachment, or is that the 7 footer ?

A swallow tail is a bit like two pintails side by side, I could think of it that way.

BTW the parallel profile refers to boards with a constant thickness from nose to tail, whereas by a tapered profile I mean thicker in the middle and skinnier at the ends.


Hey T. Bloke,

The board in the attachment is my 7 footer

The specks on the 18.5 lb twinzer:

Twonger model cause it’s a twinzer/longboard/bonzer influenced bottom configuration with mini bonzer runners for lead fins on the twinzer set-up.


Nose Rocker is 4.75"

Tail Rocker is 3.75"

Wide point is dead center.

It’s a round tail.

I’ll post photos next week or as soon as I get my new operating system installed.

It’s a collaboration shape with my buddy

Nick Palandrani (Source Surfboards).

By the way the tapered profile is the only way to get a board to project well according the experienced shapers I talk to.

No Worries, Rich

Classic torsion box construction.

Not unlike the latest ski and snowboard technology.

A few pre cyclone swells (Cyclone Vaianu) at Mount Maunganui yesterday. It’s much bigger today, maybe some good waves over the next few days.


( File is 8Mb)


Great pics Tom. I like you much better than R** S******!

Top video Roy!!

But I counted 4 opportunities to run over people you missed them all!!! :wink:

roy, pretty rad little session you had that day. I’m wondering why though you held back the tempation to just take the tiniest of steps forward. Not that you lacked speed though!! Epic day.

A few more waves from the same spot (Tuesday 21st feb), this time the swell is on the way down rather than up. Waves were bigger the day before but the camera heads were dirty and the ‘Woman in chains’ forgot to bring the head cleaner (for which she was duly punished;) )

Not much board building action since Christmas due to swells plus house renovations plus lots of wax orders.

Here’s the clip anyway :



Thanks Hicksy,

Just have to tell you about our new Paulownia stack. . . . I have been trying quite hard to find some Paulownia at a reasonable price, and was looking at getting some milled from a stand in the Bay of Plenty which is being taken out for a quarry, but wasn’t too stoked with all the hassle and expense plus drying time. Anyway it turns out that a lady who lives next door has had a giant stack of the stuff parked in her garage these last 4 years, and is now moving to Perth, so I bought the whole lot (enough for about 40 boards ) for NZ$700 dollars ! It’s incredibly dry and light (Aussie stuff apparently) with a close grain pattern. Included in the deal are 8 sheets of 8’x4" by one inch thick panels, all edge glued clears, perfectly sanded. I was lucky, it was due to be removed in the next day or two, got ib just in time. Retail price for the stack would be about US$6500 !!

So now it’s Paulownia for breakfast, smoko, lunch, afternoon smoko and dinner.


Can’t wait to hear about your results with it.

hey roy

you wouldnt part with any of that by any chance maaaaaaaaaaatee!