wet suit bootie recommendations

Any recommendations?   I liked the Bodyglove ECO bootie because they didn’t get all soggy, stretched out, and heavy. They don’t make them anymore.  I’m not too concerned about warmth. 3mm is all I use. This issue is stretched out sogginess, toe folding under, that type of thing.  What do you use?  Mike

…not too much help, but I think that we are doomed with booties sizes; in the last 3 years I checked several brands in different countries and the sizes are all wrong; most have the stupid crack for the toe (some brands now after the initial dumbness make them with a tiny rubber there to prevent leash hassles) and most have too much crap that after few sessions it start to unglue, etc.

I use 5mm but if I can get a 7mm with better sole I ll buy it.

Hi reverb.  I don’t like the crack either.  I’ve looked around online and they put all kinds of crap on them. Same marketing hype as basketball shoes I guess. The more soft rubber, the soggier and heavier they get Ive found.  I have a pair of ripcurls now.  Still holding together, but they get soggy and stretchy.  I stumble over the left toe when I hop to my feet.  I don’t need that shit at my age and stage in surfing.  It’s been warm enough so far to not wear them at all with the el nino, but that wont last forever. I miss those Body Glove ECO’s.  If I had known they were going to drop them I would have bought 10 pair.  Mike

Rip curl has good bootie:)

I’ve been using these neoports for about 2 years,super grippy bottom,Kush.only $30!  3 or 5 mm 

That’s a nice bootie in the pic you posted, Tom.  But I think the topic is footwear.


Anyway… I strongly advise avoiding Hyperflex “Access” boots. The rubber cracked and split at the top edge in about a year. The edges are unfinished and apparently the rubber is of low quality. I have boots that are five years old in which the rubber has held up better.  They have now split all theway to the ankle and rendered useless.

My biggest beef with most wetsuit boots is that they’re often not tall enough and don’t stay tucked in the my wetsuit legs, sufficiently. It’s even more an issue because I have to buy online and cannot judge the length of the boots via info provided.


Hi Guys,

Just a sneak preview of something I’ve been working hard on for the past few years. I started a bootie company called Solite, but rather than sell the boots direct, I partner with other wetsuit companies and supply my patented components to them to use on their booties and co-brand them. IE “Intel Inside”. Anyway, the great thing about our boots is the entire lower foot is injection molded in one piece of a super soft, closed-cell, super durable foam material, similar to a Crocs shoe. They are actually heat-moldable to customize to your foot shape. They are also about 50% lighter weight than regular booties and they don’t hold/absorb any water so they stay light in the water.

Boots are launching with Body Glove next fall and several other companies are also testing right now…




I picked up a pair of O’neill Ninja’s in 3mil, they’ve worked out pretty great so far, I have no complaints. Really lightweight, no rubber to cause any issues, the sole is woven instead. I’m not sure on lifespan, but they seem to be holding up really well.

I’ll second the O’Neill Ninjas.  They’re all I wear year round.  Very flexible, as close as I can get to feeling like barefoot.  Rocks do take their toll, however, and repairs needed now and then.  Replace them every other year.

Tom, are you using the 5 or 3mm?  We surf the same water temps.  

Looks interesting, Jamie.  I’ll take a look next fall.

I’ve had issues with O’Neil quality over the years and avoid their products in general.  

Nice rip curl bootie indeed!   Mike


…hello Saltyjon and Ron, the problem with that one is that do not have all the rubber in the edge to prevent the pronation of the foot or even the slide; plus do not prevent some possible damage of the toes (boots saved me more than one cut)

Hello Jamie, the upper neck is looking pretty good; are these made to operate like a velcro strap there?

Are the size right or are like these other brands that have all wrong (due to almost all are made in China…with not the right moulds I guess)


Xcel Dry Lock 3mm for me. With split toe and lots of rubber add ons…No reason for soogy or skanky bootie…

double double post post

skanky bootie can be good as long as the rest of your rubber is ok


Knock it off.  You guys are killing me…No skanky bootie for this kid…or need for rubber…Mike

Ordered Tom’s recommendation.  Worth a try for $30.  I usually pay a good bit more.  Let me know Jamie when your stuff comes out from Boddyglove, please.  Mike

Not sure if you plan to wear those with a fullsuit, but the low cut will not allow you to tuck them into your wetsuit legs and they’ll most likely fill with water quickly. They look more like a reef bootie than a true wetsuit boot.

As I said in my previous comment, one of my biggest beefs with many wetsuit boots is they aren’t tall enough and don’t stay tucked in.

Hi Sammy.  I considered that.  I wear a rip curl large, but am only 5-9(and getting shorter apparently). The legs go down quite low and should cover the top. Worth a try for 30 bucks. Mike

They have hi top versions of those booties on that site Rooster and Sammy…

$33 for 3mm and $38 for 5mm.
I might have to try some.

I got the 5mm low tops, my full suit goes over most of it and stays put.

Ride report please