What are your Opinions About Channels etc?

It seems like you see a lot boards lately with deep concaves or multiple angular channels or grooves. What do you think? Do all these channels etcetera actually work? Do they improve performance ie: drive, speed, or hold? I tend use shallower more subtle contour changes.

However, those subtle changes do not enhance nothing too.
You need only the “big” things done right. The water only pass what you do with the water with a board is limited so you need to have skills as a surfer an/or a good wave to ride (and learn)
The waves surfaces are not death perfect, then you have the changes in the Sea, the wind, a bad day etc so those subtle changes do not work too.
What are those big things?
Try to get the rocker and fin configuration right, plus the foil right and you are in.
That sound simple but in my opinion, is truly difficult; there s too many possibilities in these variables.
For example, if you put more tail rocker is very possible that you need to change the cord of the fin/fins. What about if you surf (with a HPSB) with the gravity center too low, and you are good, however the board is slowing down; you want a looser board, but a board that can hold when you crank those tight bottom turns…
Again, rocker/fins interaction; very vast and somewhat not totally developed combo.

However, I see plenty here talking how easy is to shape a board and that the difficult part is the lamination…

i get an instant hjgh

i use
the more

i refine etc.
the better my boards get.

Think its more about how you surf and not what you surf. Im sure they make a technical difference but whether or not you can tell in average conditions is also important, is it worth the extra cash? If I can slim down and get back on some shortboards I want the next one to have two channels coming out of a custom tail. Think what was said above is pretty accurate. In perfect measurable conditions you could probably tell.

sanders get all big eyed and happy when they see them.

I like it when waves break into them !

Tend to make a board stiffer, like corrugated metal on a roof is stiffer than flat sheet metal. I like channels in a bonzer, but yes what a sanding hassle. What rhymes with etc?

Disrupt water, making a slower board. Flat is fast. Control issue debatable

What rhymes with etc…

Is that the atart to a Terry Senate joke?

Mo Bettah, rhymes with, Etcetera. QED

Originally in the 70’s thru early 80’s they were in vogue. Reason being that shapers were searching for a refinement that would make a board susceptible to the high performance moves by surfers on smaller boards. Single fins and Twins needed a little something extra. So lots of channels, wings, bumps etc. Along came Simon Anderson with the Thruster and the whole game changed. Three fins on any plan Shape of the day trumped channels.

I might add that there is nostalga for everything these days. Doesn’t matter whether or not it worked. This is why I have said with regard to my own shaping and designs; “Been there and done that”. Lowel

ACE has shaped his share of channels and I remember him commenting some years back on the point that once you start envisioning what multiple fin setups do in conjunction with the bottom contour there’s no point in the redundancy of channels.

…I want to clarify that the original question was about the “new” “angular” channels not exactly about channels in general and/or “subtle” changes.

Well designed channels work great = FUN to ride .

Fins need to be resized to get the best effect .

Very few have investigated these designs fully .

I have always toed them in , same as the fins as part of that design . Is this the angular you are asking about ?

An other component to play with. Give some fun to shape. Give some stress to glass. Need some time to sand. Stiffen the bottom. Do some on my twin, my best board ever.

Coandă effect?

There were some great outlines in those days. Especially early 80’S. The one you pictured above though Stoner wasn’t one of 'em. Mike Perry was definitely leading the way with rounded pin bumps and double bumps. Most in the 20" wide range. Lots of channnels on single fins and twins. Not saying they don’t affect the way a board rides. I am saying that they are irrelevant when compared to any single or single to double concave thruster.

Concave bottoms won’t create the constant acceleration created by channels with resized fins .

Hi Greg, people here are not the same as before. Bunch of beginners looking for others to agree with their opinion be it totally off the mark, or a couple of Alphas that think they know it all and piss on everything. I guess that is what the Surfer BB is like. It’s sad.
Your vast knowledge on board designs and fins will fall on deaf ears. It’s too high tech and HP. I’m proud to know you and have first hand experience with your designs.
By the way, Bernie said you were thinking about leaving the islands, are you still here?