What are your Opinions About Channels etc?

Weather or not channels actually do anything worthwhile is open to debate. However, most would agree that a well executed channel bottom shape looks farken’ cool! Who wouldn’t love to own one of those classic Al Byrne shapes? May he rest in peace.

Constant Acceleration huh.

Flying out on July 10th , road trip to Florida from LA

Building a new house just above Palm Coast Fl

Really nice area , Great people to work with while I develop something Ive had for 30+ years = fun for everyone .

Best wishes for your future!
Saw a T&C channel nose longboard out at courts today. Not sure if it was one of yours or not. Definitely your design.

I can appreciate the skill and ability it takes to shape a channeled Blank. Especially the more refined channels that are toed or angled into V, aligned with bumps/wings and fins. I’ve said it before that the prettiest channels I have ever seen shaped into a Blank were done by the Master of all things channeled; Guru Cort Gion. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over there on Oahu just because in my opinion they are obsolete. IMO; In My Opinion. Which was what the Original Poster queried; “What are your opinions?” No need for innuendo and smarty ass side shots. Agree to disagree and let it go. Where’s the Aloha?

My current “magic board” has deep concave and channels.

I stepped on it with skepticism and off it with a ton of stoke

I “revisited” some old ideas with a new outlook. On some of my newer single fin boards I use the channels to “replace” the fins…

For me channels are like concaves and vee, a way to alter the rocker line towards the rail.
I never used hard channels because I have a hard time wrapping my head around the effect they have on the fluid flow.

The only boards I trust with hard edged rocker changes are race boards for windsurfing, as they have the fluid flow almost parallel with the center-line and hard release edges that reduce the wetted surface at top speed make sense for these boards.

Most concave bottoms follow the template moving inward towards the tail .

This creates very non flowing effect , you can see captured water under the board in many videos , a sort of scraping look limiting actual release .

Flat bottoms release in all rearward directions . as well as reduce their wetted area as speed increases = faster

Impossible to hype up each week , so very unpopular in the surfboard industry :slight_smile:

Toed in channels with resized fins are something to be experienced .

These fins allow the board to drift forward like a non channel flat bottom , in that drift water flows thru them increasing speed at all times = constant acceleration .

All my boards are flat bottoms. I like 'em.

Greg - I assume by resized fins you mean smaller (possibly by the amount equal to the depth of the channel?) care to expand ?

Also, can you explain what you mean by “drift”?

Drift - designed in release to allow you to go down and across the wave + everything else you want to do .

This is a customers first ride :

This is my first channel bottom board and heard they have lots of drive but did not expect it to be so pronounced! Caught a couple of solid, chunky waves yesterday and I swear I thought I could feel the water flowing through the channels even with a traction pad on the deck and 7mil boots. Almost felt too fast until I found my footing after the first couple waves. Got tossed way out into the flats on a couple late drops and the board would just drive right back at the wave, and then drive right through my tops turns, more so than any board I have ridden. Constant, progressive acceleration through every turn. Awesome!

Could you post a photo of your channels to get an idea? thanks



Let me know how those channel bottoms work in average Florida waves.

That review was done in crappy NY surf . Board was tuned for Costa Rican trips , his Twinzer covers everything .

Using my 4 3/8" fronts with my 4 1/4" rear in Florida will work good in low end Florida surf , anything better and way more fun .

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to let you know that both boards are killer! The twinzer is impossible to bog…have surfed it in serious 2ft 6sec onshore junk and the board just glides down the line with almost no input required, like riding a skateboard downhill. Have also had it out in fun chest high glassy conditions and the board can be put anywhere on the wave, super loose and sensitive but always in control. Glides right around broken up sections without any loss of speed. Super easy to ride.

I was trying to wait until we had some nice head high+ clean waves to try the channel bottom but haven’t been able to line up those conditions due to working a lot of overtime this past month, so my curiosity got the best of me and I have surfed it 4 times in funky sideshore windy conditions, waist high to a little overhead. Glad I did, the board works in everything (just like all your other models).

Making custom fins for these designs is the huge + :slight_smile:

Didn’t expect an answer any differant. Do you get a lot of orders for boards after a thread like this?

been months since last dropping in (rehabbing) first thread I open and…Greg and McDing batting it back and forth… ‘Same as it ever Was’ …

and speaking of another talented Byrne…

Fastest 2 boards I saw at pumping G-Land in 94, and there were some ripping surfers with pro level quivers in camp, were both Byrne 6 channels ridden respectively by a regular foot and goofy foot. Drawing different lines, both flat out hauling okole… pawed over them both trying to sense the mojo, and along with the hard edged channels, they definitely had cut-down fins…

I replied to him and supported what I said with a customer review .

Good bye . Swaylocks