What is happening to me?

I know that it’s not surfboard design related, but I have these spots on my skin that have developed over the last six months. They look almost like freckles, but they are white instead of being dark. Does anybody else get these spots? Are they from the sewage that I’m surfing in? Are they from my wetsuit? Was I abducted by aliens? Just wondering, I’ll do my research and report back if nobody knows. Thanks.

peace everyone…

I have those spots on the backside of my right arm… although mine were obtained from a skateboard accident. i fell and slid across gravel. they are little scars from where gravel dug into my arm. post pic and also go to doctor.

I’d post pictures but I left my digicam on the top of the toaster oven and my girlfriend decided that she wanted toast…alas, she burnt the toast and melted the camera. My fault for leaving the camera there.

I had white spots like that for quite a while but they are gone now, they were caused by a vitamin A deficiency, try sipping cod liver oil ( or do what we sometimes do and buy fish oil from a bait shop it’s a zillion times cheaper ) also eat loads of carrots and oranges. The fish oil is really amazing for hormone production too it makes you feel v good.

Yep! i got them too, sucks getting old. You can look forward to getting more. Let me guess, your in your 30’s, your in the sun quite a bit, and you are either brown to sandy blonde hair, and you have light color eyes, blue or green…Haloe boy…what’s your sign? I’m a Leo?

Tom, interesting, is it the Omega3’s that are lacking? I’ll take your advice and increase my fish oil intake and eat more salads to see if they start going away. Thank you.

Resinhead…28, sandyblone hair, blue eyes, Gemini w/ Cancer rising, whatever that means.

I was talking to a guy while out in the water just now and he said that they were possibly a fungus and that your can get some sort of sulfur based soap to wash with, or that selson blue works as well. I think that I’ll try the fish oils and carrots/ oranges first.

Sounds like Haole Rot to me (well, that’s what they call it here in Hawaii). I forget how one actually gets it, but it happens a lot in warmer moist climates where the fungus can grow easily on the skin. Looks like little white spots that will spread if untreated. Not really a big deal and easy to get rid of with any type of athlete’s foot/fungicide cream or spray. Takes a few days to get rid of, so good luck!



Your dehydrating yourself by surfing for 4 hours non-stop. Seriously, it sounds like jungle rot and they sell soap for it. The soap is green and it is sold in a box in most tropical countries. That is the cheapest solution. Next, Selsun Blue in the blue bottle should work, rub it on arms let soak in for 5 ten minutes then wipe or shower off. A more expensive but highly effective non toxic organic fungal killer is colloidial silver, it costs 12$ U.S. for two ounces in a spray bottle. Spray it on,rub it in, a little goes a long way. What are going to tell your girlfriend if you have micatin on your arm. Colloidal Silver goes on like water and It also works for ear infections, coughs, stomach viruses, crotch rot, toe fungus, athletes foot and the hiccups. If I had bird flu I would drink a spoonfull every hour.

I am not a doctor if I was I would have just made enough for a gallon of RR


Resinhead…28, sandyblone hair, blue eyes, Gemini w/ Cancer rising, whatever that means.

It means your a white boy like me and you shouldn’t be in the sun. Use more sunscreen, to prevent more damage. It is a pigmentation issue, due to sun damage.

Having Gemini as a sign means that I’m a white boy? Curious ;O) The pigmentation issue is impossible. I take extreme precaution to keep the harmful rays from reaching my skin. I think that the Vitamin A or “haole rot” sound more like a much better possibility. I will keep your ideas in mind though.

If I leave them will they become harmful? I actually tink dem look kinda fancy, and if it’s not dangerous then I’m not gonna get rid of them. I will still be eating more fish oils and carrots and oranges though.

Yeah I forgot about the dandruff shampoo. That works on it too. I wouldn’t leave them…you will get more and they are actually contaigous. I would ingest the fish oil and carrots in an effort to better your health, but it won’t get rid of your haole rot!


Salami skin!

Its hopeless, you’re doomed.

But, yeah, the dandruff shampoos brought me back from the dead after 3 months in the tropics.

unfortunately you’re not in Australia, otherwise i’d tell you to smear your entire body with Vegemite and leave it for most of the day. and you need to sit in the sun for a while like that too. oh yeah, and roll in some sand.

well, i would say to use peanut butter instead but some girl died recently from kissing her boyfriend after he’d eaten a peanut butter sandwich cause she was allergic, so i won’t advise that. especially just for a gag. one of my mates was whinging about zits one day so i told him to smear peanut butter on them one day and toothpaste the next and they’d be ok. he believed me.

i can understand resinhead’s point of view, my dad has those white spots on his back from the sun cause he’s pretty white and has spent a lot of time outside. i think i have one somewhere on my back like an albino mole or something. i also have light brown - blonde hair (it was white til i was about 15), fair skin (although i tan pretty easy) and blue eyes. only thing is i’m mid 20’s.

Tityriasis Versicollur… caused by fungus… it only affects certain skin types ie: the fungus only likes to grow under certain conditions… goto your local chemist / drug store and explain that you need a fungal skin infection / tinea product… usually a foaming solution…

Harmless… contagious, can be transfered to your other family members if they wear a shirt of yours or something…

Interestingly the fungus actually has sunscreen protecting abilities… so maybe grow it all over your body and throw away your sunscreen bottle…

I had it (possibily not the exact same) and i got it from a mate who had it, and he is a bloody doctor…

Hope that helps


Did anyone say see a dermatologist? Even if all the doctors here at Swaylocks tell you one thing, being someone who presumably has been in the sun alot, you may benefit from a checkup.

Hmmmm, what I had was not a fungus it was a lack of pigment, it certainly wasn’t contagious and didn’t spread or need anti fungal treatment. . … I wonder which particular condition our friend actually has ?


Having Gemini as a sign means that I’m a white boy? Curious ;O)

No it was the sandy blonde hair and the green eyes that gave it away, “Whitey”. The Gemini sign means that your too serious, and like beer on the weekends. I’ve got the same little white spots. Look at any old persons arm, they got the same stuff…that is, that were talking about the same thing, little white freckles usually starting on the arm. But when you hit a more mature advanced age such as I, you can look forward to them on your back too. And yes, I wear sunscreen too. But I didn’t wear it so much as a young lad, it wasn’t such a prerequisite in 1976. Its the early years that cause the damage. Jay Whitey Resinhead

Howzit OahuSurfer, You took the words right out of my mouth, Haven’t heard that saying in quite some time. Most of the people that I saw with it had it on their backs and shoulders.Aloha,Kokua

It’s cancer and it’s contagious, you only have weeks left to live, give up your job, don’t waste money on creams and ungments, buy a great board and go surfing. Keep the box the board came in, could come in handy for the in the ground bit. Sorry to see you go out like this, glad it’s you and not me…