✅ What’s the best adhesive for disc sanders?

What’s the best way to temporarily glue sanding discs to the pad of my Dewalt sander?

I’m looking for an adhesive that can do ALL of the following:

  1. Is not messy.
  2. Can easily remove old sanding disc from pad without tearing into pieces - and even if the disc was left on the pad for months.
  3. Can easily remove glue that remains on the pad.(Preferably the glue easily balls up using fingers.)

I was going to buy a tube of 3m Feathering Adhesive but it looks like it’s been discontinued.

I have used spray contact cement before but the discs tear if left on the pad a long time and then it’s hell to clean the old glue and pieces of disc off the pad.

Any suggestions?


Hello, i see most people i inow a bit more old school allways use shoe glue, the one of the black and yellow can.
Also they first cover the pad with painters tape before adding the glue, then when its messy they change the tape.
I use the pads with velcro.
Cheers and good wave

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Camie 300 or 3M 777. You’ll need to invest in a cheap heat gun to remove your paper!

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I use hook and loop mostly too but I have a ton of old sticky back discs that are no longer sticky so thought I would use them up.

Camie 300 is $20 plus tax on Amazon. 3M Spray 77 is $13. Any experience using the 16oz can of the CRC brand for $15 at Harbor Freight?

Is this the shoe glue you are referring to? Amazon.com

You can get the 3M at home depot. Works great.When you spray it on the disk, for 30 seconds keep lifting it up from the disk. It needs air to work properly. When the paper is shot put a hair dryer on it to heat it up. The paper will lift right up, otherwise you will tear up your pad.

Get the sandpaper that already has the adhesive on it. The spray adhesive eats pads.
If you ever have paper that is stuck to your pad, sand a scrap piece of wood to get it hot. Then, you should be able to peel it off easily.

Sorry also known as contact glue.
Its yellowish.
You can brush it on the pad covered with the painter tape.
Then tap the disk 2 or 3 times on top of it press it and wait some minutes for it to stick.

Cheers and good waves.

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Any difference between that stuff and the regular stinky ol contact cement?

That’s a good idea to cover the pad with painters tape.

I have no idea, i guess the shoe glue has more flexibility to it and unstucks better.
Still is just a guess because i use velcro, (you can also glue velcro to the pad or glue an interface that has velcro on one side. (Still cheap options).
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3M 45 General Purpose Spray Adhesive is the one you want. I’ve used 3m 77+ but its too strong of an adhesive and you’re not going to get the paper off easily. Just a very light dusting on the paper is all you need. The painters tape idea is great by the way.


The 3M General Purpose 45 is out of stock everywhere too. Dang! I wonder if they dropped it cuz of supposed environmental BS?

Indasa makes sanding discs that have an adhesive backing. You can put them on the disc and pull off and it does not leave any residue on the pad.

Good quality sandpaper can save you money even though it costs more. It lasts much longer than the low quality stuff and has better cutting power, lower clogging, etc.

Indasa Self-Adhesive Sanding Discs

Can confirm that the Indasa adhesive sandpaper is great stuff. I got cheap in my old age and started cutting my own disks out of 3M paper.

I use Indasa sanding discs and they are very good. The problem is that I have hundreds of old sticky back sanding discs that no longer adhere. So, I’m trying to find an adhesive for my pad that is aggressive enough to stick my old discs but allows me to easily remove the old pad without it tearing into pieces later.

Unfortunately it seems that two of the better options (3M Feathering Adhesive in the tube and the 3M 45 general adhesive spray) have been discontinued.

I’m still hoping to find a good alternative.

Go to your local art store. They will have spray mounting adhesives. Some will say that they will let you peel up and reposition.

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Just ordered a can. Will try it. Thanks!