What would you make out of this wreckage?

Hi all,
The beach I lifeguarded at destroyed a paddleboard this week, and I found part of it in the trash. Its pretty good EPS, and I figure it would be neat to try to make something surfable out of it, for sentimental value. I’m not TOO experienced - But I’ve surfed pretty well on a 7’2 fun shape that must have been around 40L. I’ve never surfed anything shorter. I’m 6’2" and 195. The chunk of paddleboard is 6’3" long, 24" wide at the break and 3" thick. The nose gets thick fast, around 1.5" a little more than a foot back. The sides are pretty parallel, too. Doesn’t get under 20" wide until 18 inches back from the nose. Pretty decent rocker - over 6" total.

Better view of the outline

Always nice to recycle.
your mass?
Better to get a blank,
ah, after you whittle that one dowm.
Be careful this shit is addictive…

Addictive for sure. I just can’t throw this foam out. Yeah, I’m going to get a blank - Thinking of making a 6’8"-ish copy of the hypto krypto. I was hoping I could make something big enough out of this for myself though - Akushaper says there is about 50L there to work with, 45L at worst.

I’d play with it, and practice with the tools, but the rocker would be pretty bad. Maybe a groveler with the flat entry rocker.

bad meaning too flat? I might be able to get it up to about 7.5" total rocker by shaving off the bottom tail, but also I can bend more rocker in when I glass, no?

If you are pretty careful of how you get the glass off, you could make a Egg style maybe 6-2 x 22". Or something like the Album Doom. I’ve been enjoying boards with this outline, mostly the tail. The deck and rails allow for a lot of volume. https://albumsurf.com/collections/doom
3" of foam in the tail will get you about 2" of tail rocker, that’s good enough.
Can you show a rocker shot, maybe you can reverse the blank to get a thicker nose.


Yes, too flat, and the curve in the wrong place. A new blank has a good rocker almost done for you.

That’s nice looking - haven’t seen or heard of them. Rocker shot below.

Nice! I hadn’t thought about reversing the blank - great idea. Here is the rocker.


Im reading up on them and loving this idea - they sound really fun. Does something like this look right? with a little more rocker bent into the nose perhaps?

For A mini Simmons the nose rocker might be too much. You would need to put just a touch of tail rocker.

I’m not a fan of the Mini Simmons. If you keep the blank as is, you can do the mini simmons, fish, or other boards too.
If you reversed the blank, you could get a symmetrical rocker and keep more foam under your chest. Might be too much tail rocker for a mini simmons.

Just my 2c… I would stay away from the mini-simmons, they seem to be a kind of a one trick pony. I really like fish as small wave performance boards with a quad set-up which has more drive for bigger guys. At present I am your weight, but normally I am around 185 lbs and surf a 6’2" fish with speed-dialers. Somewhere on Sways are my posts with the fin set-up, etc… You would need to reverse the blank to put more meat under your chest. Also, no matter what you decide, do this first after you strip the glass: find the mid point of the blank and mark it. Put it on your stands and use Bill B’s method to measure the rocker at Zero, 12", 24" . Put these measurements into your program to see if it works with no bumps. Fish work the best with natural rockers, something we didn’t do back in the day as we often stripped old longboards to make fish. Again, just my 2c… Have fun!

Just one more thing, this youtube shows what fish can do on good waves. Have seen Conor do this at Rincon BTY.


Hahaha ok great stuff. It’s decided! Might go with one of those little Nemo paint jobs

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