where is dale solomonson?

hey people,

just seeing if anyone can help me track down dale solomonson.

im from australia and about 2 months ago i contacted him to make me one of his surf mats.

he agreed and i have sent him the funds to make it, however i have not heard from him in 6 weeks.

i have sent him numerous e mails but nothing.

if anyone knows the where abouts of dale, please let me know, or let him know to contact me.


This is the phone number off his Neumatic website.


Hopefully this will all turn out OK, he has always had a standup reputation.  (no pun intended)

yeah, tried ringing him but it keeps telling me the number has been disconnected. though i am calling from australia and i could have the area code or something wrong. yeah i hope it all works out too, cause he doesn't seem like a guy who would pull something dodgy. i'm sure there must be some explanation for it. do you know the area code at all? thanks for your help.



HI All - I saw Dale yesterday: I was in a meeting, and he was walking home from work.  I haven’t talked with him a while, but I know he has been struggling since the heart attack a few years ago.  I also know he is working hard to catch up, as he was months behind the last time we talked about work last Spring.

As has been pointed out - Dale is a good guy and is doing his best to fulfill all his commitments.


Dale sometimes takes awhile to complete his surf mats.  Don't forget he had a heart attack recently and likely isn't pushing things.  I'm sure there are days he feels completely drained. 

I've heard 6 months wait is about normal.

Tell you what... as a friend of Dale's, I'll back him one hundred percent.  If you don't have your surf mat within 6 months, I will personally refund your investment.

Sit tight.  Dale is harder on himself than any of you.

As we approach 2010 I’m checking the Mfg. date on my Neumatic, sometime in the Fall of 2002. This is one of my most cherished wave riding vehicles, it is always with me, travels light and never lets me down. I rode it several days ago  over a 2 day peaking swell and put another 6-8 hours in on it, this is one of the most underated, must have products I’ve ever purchased. A quality hand built product.  I’ll back up John’s warranty as a satisfied customer of one of Dale Solomonson’s Neumatic surfmats.

Tom S.

I ordered a mat from Dale in early April 2009.  I heard from him in June that he had been very crook with a skin ailment.  He has not returned my emails since.  In the meantime I have ordered and received a “fatty” from fourthgearflyer which arrived in less than ten days.  It has performed well so far in a range of conditions.  The deck on the 4GF is good, but quite different to the Neumatic standard which I find very “clingy”. Time will tell how durable it is. 


Look…those of us who have been around Sways for any time know that Dale has been very generous with his knowledge and contributions. But I cant think of any excuse for taking orders and money and not delivering within a reasonable time…maybe 2 or 3 months at the most. If his health is an issue… then don’t take new orders and refund all unfilled orders from the past years…

Roger Kelly



I ordered a neumatic from Dale  in September 07 and I got it in August 09. Inbetween I also worried that he had forgotten my order or worse! But he came through, as he said he would, and the mat is superlative. While waiting I also ordered a 4gf and loved starting on that. I find the neumatic more challenging, less forgiving than the 4gf. But my mats remain second to my hulls, nothing I can do about that.

I hope Dale is in good health. He may not be able to give you an accurate time estimate but he is a true and honest guy and will make your mat, just give him all the time he needs. Neumatics are a unique product and I cherrish mine even if I hav’nt really sussed it out yet…All the best to you Dale.



Tell you what... as a friend of Dale's, I'll back him one hundred percent.  If you don't have your surf mat within 6 months, I will personally refund your investment.


Thank you, John, for a Great Moment in Matting.  Seriously, that's one of the best things I've seen on any forum anywhere. 

Norman, if you're smart you'll turn down the refund offer and just hold Mellor to a bottle of his home brew.

merry christmas john and taylor and of course dale

been off computer dor over a month and am catching up.


the wait is worth it.

take it from me,

I don’t know anyone

who has a dale mat

that hasn’t waited to distraction

and checked their mailbox daily

like a kid in the 1950’s waiting

for a decoder ring to come in the mail.

Carly Simon’s song ‘‘Anticipation’’ comes to mind.

   We could write a screen play and pitch it to corperate

leonardo di caprio could play kelly slater

jack nicholson could play me ten years older…

welcome to a small but specific fraternity

da mat

le mat 

el mat

la mat

matt a tatt tat

whadda movie

I have already seen it 

five times

not counting the ten+

guys I have encouraged to get

their own who I lived through vicarious angst

at their side…two or three of which

have unridden mats in their

archives…When I see them I request being in their 

last will and testament to recieve those pristine mats…


six weeks? not a bad length of time to start a jones reaction

think you may be jumping line on some 9 month guys

mebe some 20 month guys …

well what is the gestation period for an elephant or a whale or a

wildebeast   ,a roo…?

the gestation period for a good mat

isn’t as long as a great mat…


read the locked thread first

good luck on the completion of your mat


after you get it care for it dearly

and order your next one.

Hey ambrose - Great to see you back.  Hope the Holidays are treating you and yours well.


Whats the point of phoning him, when he doesn't ever reply to emails?

Obviously Dale, is incommunicado for personal reasons and will not , or does not want to deal with customers, others.There is one exception, and this person is not family.

It galls me to see a complete break down, for reasons no one is responsible for, then be on the receiving end of bad manners, and poor business practice, when ''that'' person has been treated more favourably than other paid up customers who haven't received their mat[s]


We all have our stories, no one is Robinson Crusio.

We have empathy for Dale, but there is a time  he needs to act professionally and respond to his  paid upcustomers, who haven't received their mat[s] some for many, many years.

His integrity is now in question...



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Neumatic is joy.
My advice is take it easy...

take the money

do not make a final answer…


The money paid by the  customer in good faith expects a ''reasonable'' time frame for delivery, and more importantly a decent level of communication by Dale in supplying the mat[s].

This is not ocurring for many people.

Personal friendships are one thing, business relationships are another.

My much anticipated triangular package containing a custom neumatic from Dale, (my colleagues thought that it was a giant Toblerone chocolate bar), arrived today.

I can’t wait to get it into the water early tomorrow morning.

extra points to surfdwnunda

talked to dale yesterday and he remarked that for

some unknown reports of recieving mats are very rare.

Many Dale mats have been delivered

with few reports.

I for one have had many delivered and the were all finished

I rode every one ecstaticly


Those with mats are chilled and compassionate beings, those without are maybe not.


Freezing sun-blasted little pealers today…

Stoked again. Thanks Dale, wherever you are, Juan.