Where ya from, whatcha do?

For all you in the witness protection program disregard this. But for all those of you who aren’t I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind updating your profiles and listing where you live and occupations, etc. Just curious!


I am not a serial killer… reallly!..

Just joking, I’m a surfer… And shaper, and Student, and musician, Im from OZ.

I shape surfboards for a living and drive 9000t coal trains in the outback to pay for resin. As well as loving husband and father. live in Queensland

…you work for the immigration department, “green card” section , right ? [The Brady ‘avatar’ photo nearly fooled everyone, but not ME , pal !]

I saw ‘coneheads’, don’t worry !

[aquaman , I sent you a p.m. , by the way ]


Bumm living off girlfriends in Berkeley, mostly labor and gardening jobs, thinking of making boards again to pay for rents.

Still have a following in OB, SanFrancisco, but most of the guys got old and ride logs, which I hate to make.

Hawaii transplant from Point Reyes area in California. Surfer, Student, amateur board builder and Gigalo

Bournemouth in the UK (near the tiny island on the south coast)

Printer/engineer by trade, and training to be a carpenter.

Compooter Geek, work one block off the Point in Ventura. Ride anything I can get my hands on. Hate to be called Longboarder, Shortboarder, Kneeboarder, so I ride all just to tick off my buddies. Rookie shaper that enjoys experimental designs. Travel whenever possible. Love my family, mexican seafood, good wine. Contracted by the Australian govt to keep an eye on Ben and report any suspicious behaviour.

im from tampico, mexico, 23 yo, married and father of one lovely girl, earth siences engineer. build and surf only hollow wooden surfboards. Jack.

I’m a student in Brighton, UK from San Diego. Shaping and surfing logs.

i have been to brighton before just last march it was pretty cool. it was actually a nice day.

but i am a student, shaper, cook and door guy at a bar to pay the bills. i live with my girlfriend and another girl in orlando fl. probably going to be moving to the mid atlantic in the next few years

that is interesting. Brighton is a cool town. The surf sucks though. No matter what they tell you. By the way i finished my new log template. its up on the other thread. um… the skinny kid one.


Originally from North Carolina, dad’s family from the Outer Banks and Mom’s from the New Bern area. Moved to Utah 12yrs ago, have made many surfing pilgramages to the ocean (NC, California, Mexico, New Zealand) at least once a year since. When I’m away from the surf, been snowboarding and skating like a monkey with an ass on fire to stay in some kind of shape for the waves. I’m a sous chef for a southwestern restaurant and catering company, and also manage the coffee shop on the campus of the university in my town. Have shaped and glassed 2 boards so far, and want to make it a career. We’re moving to New Zealand in April, and I’m planning to throw myself into shaping, glassing, and SURFING with everything I’ve got!

ZoSurf, you are a show off!!!

I’m from Perth Western Australia, 42 yo, work (if that’s the correct word) for state government as a web/graphic designer, have a wife Joanne, 3 gromlettes, 2 dogs and a cat. Love experimenting with just about anything my wife lets me.

Contracted by ASIO to keep an eye on Ben as well…



Who’s Ben? 16, chill for a living. surf and skateboard but deny this when asked. Working on becoming a shaper. Photography is something I enjoy also. Gotta girlfreind. working on trying to be happy.

  1. programmer/engineer/surf addict. student at Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo), but dropping out after this quarter (would you rather make a life or a living? I finally chose…). I got engaged a week ago to a beauty named Heather (she’s still going to graduate ;-). grew up in santa cruz and started shaping when I was 15. love the surf here on the central coast but dying to surf west oz and mix up the scenery. favorite quote: “Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you.”

Let us know when you’re coming over this way. We’ll get you organised.



Thanks for the offer Hicksy. Careful though, I may have to take you up on it down the road…

27 yo, nursing student, corpus christi texas. Currently working with psych patients. Graduate in may, get RN card in june, currently saving money for my post graduation celebration trip in July, my wedding in December, my honeymoon in January, and an eventual trip to oz so I can go sleep on chip’s floor for a while.

My interests include surfboard building, snowboarding, travel, sailing, long walks on the beach, pina colodas and getting caught in the rain.

“outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, its too dark to read.”