World's Largest Skateboard (Official!!)

Very much off topic but in the vein of PJ’s powered Hobie boat…

Anyway, this is my entry for the world’s shortest thread name on Swaylocks…

Sort of like the Thunderbirds intro…

Dum duddle ump dum dum dum, dum dum etc…

uh oh …

guess what the follow up post is going to be …

“bse” stands for ??? [lucky the “e” is there eh ?!]

Just something I’ve been working on lately…

Probably about 4 weeks away from completion… I’ll post piccies of it getting finished over the next couple of weeks…Good fun eh…

[ahhhh…sigh of relief …one less secret I have to keep !]

there ya go dougy and sirwacker ,

now you know why hicksy’s garage needed to be emptied !


[I , meanwhile , will continue pumping out fin panels , something a bit smaller scale and more manageable …slightly lighter weight , too …]

Won’t fit in the garage now!!!

Great to see it coming along hix. Going to be an achievemant to be proud of when its done! Keep up the good work.

I hope the Big Sex Educator turns out to be a smash!



That thing is just what I’m looking for. I think. Did you do all the welding? Mike


…and , if it hits you , it will be more like the Big Skate EMASCULATOR [ google it , if unsure] …OUCH !!!

My oldest daughter is consumed with dog sledding. Not much snow around here,but she harnesses the dogs and they pull her around on her bike with me chasing on my bike(it’s fun). I’m thinking of something like that for the dogs to pull her around. Might have to steal another idea. Mike

Hey Hicksy,

Wow. What a project! I like that you pimped it out with those rims. Should’ve used some “spinners” though :wink: It’s cool that you added the brakes as well.

I want to see the faces of the kids when you take it to the local skate park.



Did anyone say “Thunderbirds” intro?

What the hell is ‘BSE’?? It looks like a huge skateboard!!! Is it a ‘family’ skate, 4 people riding it? Just couldn’t get the deal…


Nice Big Skateboard Experiment Hicksy


and the


master icksy

a phenom endevor

them Disc brakes?

that would remove

you from the

flintstone catagory



light weight mother of invention

alas otherwise its nice to be speechless.


epoxy styrofoam deck with

thin ralis or covered wagon

or interchangeable

alternatives ?

the imagination reels…

Thanks peoples, it’s going to help raise funds for the local surf club, going to get some sponsorship and tour it around local and maybe interstate events. Its going to be registered as a trailer so I can tow it behind a car with the front wheels off the ground.

It weighs around 100kgs at the moment, projected weight of around 275kg after the shock absorbers, kicks and deck go on so I’m setting up a deadmans brake on it. I needed to put brakes on it to stop it hurtling down the road solo.

I’ve contacted Guiness World Records to get the ball rolling on claiming the title of the Biggest Skateboard on Earth … might even go for the most people on a skateboard bit too…

I’ll let you all know when the attempt will be…beers and BBQ after at my place…

This is so much fun…

awesome hicksy! that’s killer!


I’m afraid [ VERY afraid !!] that might be a prophecy , right there , Oldy !




??? "

so who gets to go first