you know you are swaylockian when...

you know all the advantages and draw backs of every fins system on the market

you go into board shops and see every tiny flaw in a board on the racks

you have ridden at least one board that most people scratch their heads at

you know kiwi’s in orange wetsuits with huge bushy beards ride monsters.

run with it

people see your supercharged twin keel and go “mmm that’s strange!” how’s it go??

…when your on sways, you tell your wife you’re doing “research”

you check swaylocks before the mailbox!!

…the guys at the beach say “you always have unusual boards/ fin set ups”

When my friends ask me how long Ive been shaping, I tell them oh “about 5-6 years”. But then I add Ive done literally hundreds of hours of “research” on surfboards, fin, fins set ups etc…

Swaylocks is my home page on my computer, so I check it every time I go on the internet, BEFORE, I check my email and the other surf sites.

I’m a swaylocks addict!! (I need help!!) Its kinda of embarassing, but I’m sure it could be worse!! I love this resource and I love corresponding with other swaylockians who love surfboard building as much as I do!! I dont make money shaping boards, but when I’m asked about my “passion” in this life and what I love to do, before I answer I ask if they have a few minutes and ask them to sit down. And then I ask, are you ready for this?? :slight_smile: PEACE AND ALOHA!!!

…when you put your proud aside and become more interested in sharing than scratching for some kind of hideen sacred knowledge…

… you try to share sincere, meaningful insights in other surfboard design forums and the regulars there treat you like an idiot.

I believe you’re not alone in that experience.

... you try to share sincere, meaningful insights in other surfboard design forums and the regulars there treat you like an idiot.

there’s OTHER surfboard design forums???

You check this thread.

when you get an idea for a surf toy and instead of going out to buy it, you wander out to the shed and built it —THEN you go ask for help on Sways! and get it !


All of you friends, family, and co workers, 90% of which have no knowledge of surfing or surfboard construction, recognize “Swaylocks” as a surf board building site through your daily swaylockian obsession.


My definitive swaylocks experience has been finding board ideas and personal concerns in common with crew who may be from anywhere on the planet.

There are a number of you I have met and others I reckon I’d like to.

Thing is, I don’t always want to be sitting behind a computer to do this…

Thats the only problem.


When you tell your wife to have SWAYLOCKS in her hair

When you’re talking boards and design to a bunch of “regular” guys and you mention Swaylocks, and the go “Huh? Whats that.”

when your driveway has an outline of a surfboard made by resin drips and wifeys plants are covered in resin dust

… you cant be bothered with any other forum about anything else.


…when you see a board in a shop for $800 and know that you could make 3 boards for that much

…you share information and experience with people you’ve never met, no matter how insignificant it is

…you get a phone call from Chip to ask you to check the site for him as he hasn’t got a home computer, and it’s never a problem

…you see a newbie make a complete mess of a board and say it’s OK, number 2 will be better

…you show respect for everyone on the site